Speedy chips

Speedy chips

Being freelance I don’t have much stability in my schedule, yet most Thursday’s Liam and I have a tradition of having a special dinner together. We always have homemade chips, veggie burgers and a cocktail or three alongside Thursday night comedy on E4. The Big Bang Theory is our favourite, what’s yours?
When I spotted this Von Shef chipper whilst browsing Amazon I knew my Thursday night prep time was about to reduce drastically.

It is far more hardy than the Spiralizers we have all bought into. It can even create chips out of sweet potatoes which are always an impossible task for my weedy arm muscles.

You simply put your food in, push down the leaver and out pops your identical chips…much easier for cooking times.
The device also comes with an extra blade with smaller holes to make french fries.

After a couple of minutes of par boiling the chips I pop them in the oven with a little oil for about 50minutes.
You then have yourself some scrummy guilt free chips.

You can buy it here.
Being an avid lover of Amazon Prime I was sad to see it wasn’t applicable for free next day delivery but mine arrived within two days.

Why stop at chips, you can even make quick crudités.
The only negative I have is that you can’t fit in a large potato but this is only a minor qualm of this fab product.