Hair Help

Hair Help

I think I have stumbled on a hair saviour.
I am sure you have all been there…freshly styled hair but you have to tie your hair up for the gym or simply for those day to day chores where having your hair in your face will just stress you out! On many occasions I have tied my hair up and been left with an unwanted kink in my preened hair. I used to sport the scrunchy look back when I was nine but I don’t feel trendy enough to do that look in the current “ironic” way.
I did found some chunky plain black fabric hair bands from H&M for about £3 which are fab but look like a bit of an old rag on your wrist. This week Popband caught my eye with their pretty elastics and ever since then my wrist has been adorned with a different coloured band each day.
At £8 they are a bit pricier than a standard hair band but the way I think about it is you are also paying for a bit of jewellery. I wear mine to bootcamp classes for the pretty effect but also the fact that there is no kink in my hair afterwards if I don’t have time to wash my hair.
I bought mine from a Joy store but you can buy them online at their PopBand.


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