How to airbrush your legs

How to airbrush your legs


Make up artist tips #1

I recently had a leg and hand modelling job for Chambord and I was taught a great tip from the make up artist at the shoot.
This is how to airbrush your legs in real life.


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Next time you have a night out or a wedding to go there is no need to go for that expensive fake tanning session.


What you will need

1. Moisturiser

2. Foundation

3. Powder (optional)

Pick a foundation that you would generally use on your face during the end of your summer holidays when you have caught a little sun.
I like to use this Maybelline Fit Me Foundation because it is light and spreads very easily. You can buy it here.



Chose a moisturiser that melts into your hands and spreads easily without drying out too quickly. I would suggest not using a product with alcohol in the ingredients. This is to prevent it evaporating and in turn not helping spread the foudation.
I use Balm Balm Multi Purpose Frangrance Free Balm because it is 100% organic so no there are no nasties to dry you out. You can buy it here.



Step one

With a bit of moisturiser in your hands, add as much foundation as needed and mix together. Spread evenly over your legs.

Et voila…your legs look seamlessly dolly.


Step two

If you are worried about any foundation transferring onto your clothes you can dab some face powder onto your legs to set the foundation.


Hope this works well for you. Let me know if you try it out.

Megan x



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