Cocktail Recipe of the month: {Chambourgeois}

Cocktail Recipe of the month: {Chambourgeois}

Here is a yummy cocktail recipe to help you start the weekend.
It is inspired by a drink I often order at Charlotte Street Hotel. I order a Twisted Mojito (with no mint-making it richer).
Liam and I decided to name our version the Chambourgeois. The scent of the passion fruit and lime is absolutely incredible. You will struggle to only have one.
Below is the recipe for my ‘Cocktail recipe of the month’



Muscovado sugar
x1 Lime
x1 Passion Fruit

Serves 2


1.Scoop half a passion fruit and one teaspoon of muscovado sugar into each glass.

2. Chop up a whole lime in to diced pieces. Divide in two and add to the glasses.

3. With your hand over the top to prevent spilling muddle the ingredients in your glass until they are well muddled together. I use the back end of this spoon yet I have just seen this spoon and simply must have it (**heart eyes**).

4. Crush up a lot of ice and fill both glasses to the top. An ice crusher really helps with this step. We have one like this.

5. Pour rum into your glasses up to the 3/4 mark.

6. With your hand over the top of the glass again, mix the rum and ice into the earlier ingredients. This time with the spoon end.

7. Now top up the glass with more crushed ice.

8. Pour a shot of Chambord over the top.


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