Autumn Fashion Picks To Keep You Warm

Autumn Fashion Picks To Keep You Warm


Although I love this time of year, I really do not like being cold. Over the years I have discovered many staples that I keep on using. Below I have shared what I believe to be the best ‘Autumn Fashion Picks To Keep You Warm’.



1. UniQlo Jumper £14.99
I can’t get enough of these UniQlo jumpers. In fact I now have five of them in an assortment of colours.
I buy the “extra warm” variety which keep me cosy throughout the coldest winter months.
They can be worn as a base layer or you can wear them on their own. I will be pairing mine with pinafores this winter.


2. Topshop Coat £89.00
A little faux fur never hurt anyone.
I adore this white Topshop coat. It can be worn in the day but would look great over a party dress to keep you warm on nights out.


3. ASOS Duffle Coat £75.00
It can be lovely and romantic under an umbrella, hearing the rain above you. Yet on an average day umbrellas can be a bit of a logistical nightmare with their wetness once you are indoors, putting them up and down and getting one good enough not to blow inside out. For this reason, I am a huge fan of hooded coats. I adore this ASOS duffle coat. It looks smart enough to wear to work yet has a hood to protect you from the unsettled autumnal weather.


4. ASOS Jumper £22.00
I tend to wear breton all year round. The sailor style looks really clean and refreshing. I feel the white blocks of colour are a great pop of colour to a earthy toned season.


5. Marks and Spencer Dressing Gown £45.00
This dressing gown is my favourite purchase of the year, honestly!
Welcome to the softest most cosy item you shall ever own. Once you are wearing yours everyone will want to give you a cuddle.
**be warned, this gown makes leaving the house very difficult**


6. Topshop Pinafore £39.00
I am loving pinafore’s this year. The whole Raggy Doll look is adorable and a very comfortable style to wear. The deep red of this Topshop pinafore is perfect for the autumn and winter months ahead. I have seen red pinafores in loads of high street stores this month including Topshop, Primark, New Look, ASOS and Urban Outfitters.


7. Topshop Baxter jeans £40.00
Black jeans are a must have all year round.
I love my Topshop jeans. They are well made, cheap and stretchy…therefore very comfortable.
**wardrobe staple**


8. Vagabond Boots £80.00
I have a great love for my Vagabond booties. I have the flat Chelsea boot style Vagabond’s and the very chunky healed version which I wear to castings.
Vagabond boots are great for the winter. I have had my two pairs for two years and still look brand new even though I wear them almost everyday.


9. Zara Scarf £17.99
Zara are wonderful for many fashion pieces but their scarfs are, I believe, the best on the highstreet. I buy these scarves each year in different colours. They are very soft and importantly they don’t leave fluff on your black coats. The scarves are incredibly large and can be doubled as a blanket when you are out and about. I always take mine to the theatre or cinema as a blanket as I always get sleepy and chilly in the theatre and cinema…am I the only one?


Hope you like my fashion picks for Autumn. Let me know if there are any more warm items I must stock up on.


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