5 Ways To Fake Being A Morning Person

5 Ways To Fake Being A Morning Person


The clocks have changed, giving us an extra hour in bed. Although this helps a huge amount it can still be really difficult for a lot of people to wake up in the morning.
I am personally at my most alert and productive from about 7pm…not helpful at all.



Having had lots of early call times for jobs over the years I have worked out how to be a morning person.
Here are my 5 tips on how to fake being a morning person.


1. Be prepared
Make sure you have your clothes for the next day picked out and your breakfast prepared.
In your dozy state you don’t want to be fiddling around chopping up fruit or trying to work out what clothes looks good on you.


2. Ban screens
Do not look at screens in bed. Simple!
I try to stop using my phone half an hour before going to bed and I try to not touch my phone when in bed at all.
It is so easy to get caught up in a social networking black hole and never get out.
Studies also suggest that the blue light from phone screens keeps your mind awake.


3. Take notes
I always have a notepad and pen on my bedside table because I tend to come up with my most inspirational ideas at night and I do not want to forget about them after a long nights sleep.
It is also a good idea to write down any worries that are keeping your brain active. Once they are on paper, there is no need to worry your brain with them.


4. Count your blessing
It might sound a little hippy trippy but I find this really helps.
Rather than counting sheep, I like to count everything I am grateful for. This not only puts you in a good mood and stops you thinking about anything you may have forgotten or are worried about doing the next day but can really make your mind be peaceful.
Before my wedding I used to count guests instead of sheep…this worked really well. I’m not sure I ever managed to count every guest before nodding off.


5. Timing
Timing is key. By this I mean the timing of going to bed and your alarm call. It is obviously important for you to get enough sleeping hours but do not stress about it. The more you stress, the less sleep you are going to get. I like to give myself a full hour from my alarm call to the minute I have to step out the door. This gives me time to shower, do my make up and leisurely eat my breakfast with the TV playing in the background.


I never snooze!!!
This is a really key point for me. If you snooze you are likely to fall straight back into a very deep sleep and the next time you wake up you will be even more tired than before you pressed the snooze button.

I hope these tips can help you become more productive in the morning. A little extra tip is to wake up happy. Think one happy thought when you wake up and everything will work out fine.




  1. October 26, 2015 / 11:14 pm

    Written for me! I’ll give it all a go as I’m pants in the morning! X

    • Hannah
      October 26, 2015 / 11:23 pm

      Me too, my worst one is snoozing the alarm!x

      • admin
        October 27, 2015 / 10:01 am

        I used to be bad at snoozing but I promise a 10 minute snooze doesn’t help…another couple of hours however may be lovely hehe

        • July 21, 2016 / 1:43 pm

          Now we know who the selsibne one is here. Great post!

    • admin
      October 27, 2015 / 10:00 am

      Hehe well I hope this helps you a little bit x

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