Crunchy Cashew Kale Crisps

Crunchy Cashew Kale Crisps

I had some kale that was almost out of date and only a handful of cashew nuts so I decided to create my own
Crunchy Cashew Kale Crisps.
They were really yummy but definitely gave the house a bit of a funky, yet healthy smell.
These kale chips are a healthier alternative to normal movie night snacks. They would be great for a Monday movie night when, let’s be honest, we are all at our healthiest.
These crisps were really easy to make and tasted really yummy. The chew of the cashew nuts is the best bit.

-Serves 1
-Prep time: 5 minutes
-Cooking time: 15 minutes


Kale (two big leaves minus their stems)
Cashew nuts (1/4 cup)
Red chilli (personal preference, I used a whole chilli which was very hot!)
Salt (pinch)
Pepper (personal preference)
Olive oil (approx. 2 teaspoons)


1. Preheat your oven to 170°

2. Blend the cashew nuts into tiny chunks in a blender. I use this one.

3. Cut the kale leaves off its stem. Leaving the stem behind cut the leaves into little shreds.

4. Cut up your chilli’s red skin into teensy little pieces, leaving the seeds behind.

5. Throw your cut up leaves, chilli and cashew nuts into a roasting tray. Add a glug of olive oil and mix everything together.

6. Cook for 15 minutes, turning every five minutes. 15 minutes allowed me to achieve a mixture of crunchy crisps and chewy crisps.
If you want a more crisp texture cook them for 20-30 minutes but making sure you check them regularly to not let them burn.

7. Either eat warm or let them cool for ten minutes to have slightly crispier crisps.

Hope you enjoy them.

If you make them, make sure you tag me in pictures on Instagram or Twitter @itsmegantaylor


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