Nutty Frozen Yoghurt Bowl

Nutty Frozen Yoghurt Bowl

This tastes like pudding but is incredibly healthy!!

This nutty frozen yoghurt bowl is my most favourite breakfast of them all, even when it is cold out.

Frozen berries – two handfuls
Yoghurt – 4 tablespoons
Mixture of seeds and nuts – sprinkle
Coconut water – splash
Sweetener of your choice (apple syrup, date syrup, honey, agave syrup)
(quantities to serve 2)

1. Throw the berries and yoghurt in a blender.
(I use this Kitchen Aid one but I sometimes use this Kenwood one if I am only making a small amount)
2. If the blender jams because of the dry ingredients add a small splash of coconut water to loosen it.
3. Try a little and see if you need to sweeten it.
I like the tart flavour but it tastes wonderfully luxurious with a teaspoon of honey.
4. Once blended, scoop out into a bowl and sprinkle a mixture of nuts and seeds.

{Ingredients: Frozen berries, Yoghurt, Seeds & Nuts}

{Frozen Raspberries}

{yum yum yumminess}


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