Christmas Theatre Trips

Christmas Theatre Trips


Every year I try to book tickets to the theatre at Christmas.
There’s no better excuse to get dressed up and drink cocktails than going to the theatre in the West End at Christmas time.
I have recently been to see Elf and Funny Girl.
Elf was very festive and perfect for this time of year while Funny Girl would be perfect all year around.


Stars: ***
Where we sat: Circle. Row G. Seat 32
Ticket Price: £78.50
Tube: Tottenham Court Road
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As many of you know Elf is my favourite film. As soon as I heard the musical of Elf was coming to the West End in London I jumped at the chance to buy tickets.
There was a lot of press regarding the extortionate price of the tickets for Elf but there were definitely a few average priced tickets available.
When you are in the Domion theatre you can see the stage pretty well from all the seats.

Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud played the part of Jovie. I was really impressed by her vocal abilities in her solo number. She definitely didn’t get the chance to show that off whilst in Girls Aloud!
Ben Forster played Buddy the Elf and he picked up on loads of Will Ferrell’s Buddy-isms.
Special credit goes to Joe McGann playing Walter Hobbs who perfected James Cann’s voice and mannerisms immaculately.

I feel the story was well adapted for the stage but as no one knew any of the songs it didn’t create the normal musical theatre atmosphere of the audience humming along.

The magical ending was perfect for kids and adults. There was snow falling from the ceiling and Father Christmas somehow flew over the stalls like a One Direction concert!
The majority of the audience were in their late twenties, early thirties but the show was definitely aimed at the kiddies.



Stars: *****
Where we sat: Row B. Seat 15
Ticket Price
Tube: Southwark / London Bridge
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I have never seen the movie of Funny Girl but I know a lot of the songs, having sung them in singing classes as a kid.
We were lucky enough to go to one of the previews of the show.
It is currently running at the Chocolate Menier Factory in Southwark before going to the Savoy next year for an extended run.
I was so pleased to have seen it at the Chocolate Menier Factory.
It is a lovely small theatre and I got to sit in the second row, making me feel as if I was part of the show.

Sheridan Smith and Darius Campbell played the leads and were wonderful.
Darius has come a long way since the days of Pop Idol.
He executed a heartfelt portrayal of Nick Arnstein.
If Sheridan doesn’t win an Olivier Award next year I would be shocked.
Smith played the part of Fanny perfectly. Her voice was wonderful and hit all the big notes. Her rendition of Don’t Rain On My Parade was fabulous.
I don’t quite know how she managed to tear up in so many scenes…such an incredible actress.


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