My Christmas Traditions

My Christmas Traditions

Happy Christmas Eve eve everyone. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, I’m so excited.
Half of my family are Italian so Christmas Eve is a pretty big deal for me along with Christmas Day of course.
Here are a few traditions that my family, friends and I have that make me feel wonderfully festive.

1. Christingle Service
I adore going to the local church for the Christingle service.
My friends and I have been going since we were little.
We are probably a bit old to be going now as it is a service aimed at the kiddies but
we make our own christingles and take them along to sing all the best carols.

2. Christmas Eve Party
Every Christmas Eve my parents host the best party of the season.
All our neighbours come by and drink cocktails and eat lots of food until midnight.
We always manage to fit in a game of charades…and sometime the bell ringing carol game.
If you don’t have this game you simply have to buy it for next year.

3. Bedtime Story
Every Christmas Eve my hubby reads me a bedtime story of a Christmas book of my choice.
If I haven’t drifted off into a festive slumber we watch The Snowman or Polar Express with a sleep timer on our TV.

4. Early Risers
Every year since I was little my brother and I would come running into each others bedrooms at about 5am. Now that I don’t live at home and we have aged a little my brother texts me at about 7am then comes running round to my house to check out what presents I have got before helping Liam and I cart our goods over to our parents house.

5. Stockings
Father Christmas still pops by my parents house for me, so as soon as I get to my parents house I open my stocking and give my parents their stockings that I organise for them.

6. Church
Everyone in my parents street goes to the Christmas church service.
Literally the whole village walks to church together. It is a short and sweet family service full of festive loveliness.

7. Bubbles
Once we get back from church my dad and brother have glasses of fizz waiting for us and breakfast cooked.
We then sit down to open all of our tree presents.

8. The Hunger Games
A whole load more of my family arrive at about 12 and we open more presents and drink even more fizz.
We then wait for lunch/tea/dinner to be ready.
The moment the roast dinner hits the table we are all silent. Half an hour later we are happy bloated balls.

Eeeeeek just writing this I am practically giddy. Soooo exciting.
What are your traditions?
I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all have the most magical time xXx


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