Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe

I love to have a smoothie after a workout rather than a juice because when juicing you loose the majority of the fibre from the fruit. When you loose the fibre you are not going to be as full up from your drink.

I like my smoothies to be fruity and sweet. I am not a fan of vegetable smoothies and juices so I try to conceal the vegetable flavours that I do add. In this smoothie I have added a little bit of kale to add iron to my vegetarian diet.

This smoothie tends to keep me full for about 2 hours.


Coconut water (150ml)

Ginger (frozen and grated to taste)

Frozen mango (handful)

Frozen raspberries (handful)

Frozen melon (handful)

Frozen kale (a few leafs)


Pour your coconut water in the blender

Pour in all of your frozen fruits on top of the water

Grate your frozen ginger into the blender

Blend all your ingredients adding a little more coconut water if the ingredients are not blending together or give the mixture a poke with a long wooden utensil (turn the machine off for this) if there is a bubble in the mixture

Serve in a glass with a spoon

Enjoy x


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