Netflix Weekend Pick

Netflix Weekend Pick

Happy Weekend Everyone.
If like me you have had a jam packed week you may be looking forward to relaxing this weekend and having a little Me Time.
How about sitting back in your PJ’s to watch a little Netflix this weekend.
Here are my top TV and film picks for you which are streaming right now.
(Click on the titles for their trailers).

1. Pretty Little Liars
Now airing the second half of season 6.
Having invested a lot of time watching every season of this show I am addicted and can’t give up.
If you have never heard of this program before it follows four teens that are being tormented by someone called A.
Gripping and at times scary.

2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
A Netflix production created by Tina Fey, the genius behind Mean Girls.
This is an incredibly weird program that I was hooked on and binge watched within a week.
It follows a woman that was trapped underground by a man from a young age so sees the world from a childish perspective.
Incredibly funny.

3. Jessica Jones
I am not a know all Marvel comic fan and had no idea who Jessica Jones was before I watched this program.
Jessica Jones is a private investigator with special strength and a man called Killgrave that can control everyone and anyones mind.
It is gripping and I loved the series but it is a little violent a times so maybe wash it down with an episode of Friends.

1. Bachelorette
A bit like Bridesmaids but a bit more crude and grown up.
Full of hilarious actresses.

2. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Across between James Bond and Mission Impossible.

3. 22 Jump Street
Hallarious and kind of disgusting at times.
If you want a laugh out loud movie this is perfect.

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