Desk Tour

Desk Tour

Ever since I can remember I have been a huge lover of stationary and have always taken great care in having a productive desk area.
I have been working on my desk area for a while and have a white and copper theme running throughout.
A video of my Desk Tour is at the bottom of my blog.

For mine and my husbands wedding we were bought a gorgeous bespoke Louis carver chair from the Dormy House which I adore.
The handmade chairs are upholstered in your choice of fabric.
You can even send them your own fabric to match your homes furnishings.

I have filled my Ikea frames with quotes that I printed out from Pinterest.
I have printed out a few and regularly rotate them depending on my mood and the season.

I have fairy lights surrounding my desk and candles flickering beside me whilst I work to create a calming atmosphere.
I love to have fresh flowers on my desk to add a pop of colour.
My funny looking green plant is from Ikea and I adore it. It is easy to look after and never seems to die.

My copper tray from H&M keeps my desk tidy storing my plant and candles.
I use a metal bucket to store all my receipts in. I try to file away my receipts once a month. Having them in a bucket on my shelf helps to remind me to do the mundane job.


I can not stop buying notebooks. I have so many and they are all beautiful so I feel they must be displayed rather than hidden away in a drawer.

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