5 Cheap Dates

5 Cheap Dates

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and coinciding with the horrible tax bill, money has been on my mind a lot.
I adore Valentine’s Day. Even when I was younger and didn’t have a boyfriend I just loved the day.
There is always a much stronger sense of happiness everywhere you look (maybe that’s just me and my rose tinted glasses?).
To be honest I just love any excuse to celebrate.
Below I have listed 5 cheap date ideas that you can do with your boyfriend/girlfriend, family, friends or even have a solo romantic date…in fact a little me time can be the best remedy.

1. High Tea
You don’t need to pay a fortune for high tea at a posh hotel (although it is a lovely experience).
You can recreate the experience in the comfort of your own home.
Buy a bottle of Prosecco, make some cupcakes and sandwiches with their crusts cut off.
Put on a tea dress dress and you’re all set.
Best of all, when you finish and are full to the brim you can get into your tracksuit and have a post food slumber.

2. Movie Night
Fill a large bowl with homemade popcorn. (Here is my yummy recipe).
Fill your living room with pillows and duvets and find your favourite movies on Netflix.
Snuggle up and watch endless movies.
Romantic Movie Recommendations: Elizabethtown . A Lot Like Love . Love & Sex

3. Home Spa Evening
It can be very expensive to go to a spa but you can recreate one at home for a fraction of the price.
Buy a cheap face mask and some body oil.
You and your partner could give each other massages or you and your friends could have a face mask.
If there are a big group of you having face masks buy this one from Balm Balm as it is in a powder form and goes a long way.
You just add a little water and mix it in a bowl and won’t go off if you don’t happen to use it all.

4. Cocktail Evening
This is one of my favourite date nights to have at home.
It can be very expensive to go out for cocktails, costing anywhere between £5-£30!
A bottle of rum from the supermarket could cost you around £20-30 but make you loads of cocktails.
Have a cocktail night with friends and get everyone to bring one spirit and one mixer.
Take it in turns to create a cocktail for everyone with all the ingredients.
*drink sensibly*

5. Games and Art Evening
If you are on your first few dates and are still getting to know each other, playing games and creating something arty can be very relaxing.
You will find yourselves chatting away for hours on end with ease because you are occupied doing something fun and creative.
At Christmas we used dry clay to create our own bowls, plates and decorations.
This was a lot of fun. For your next date you can have fun painting your pottery.

If you have a date inspired by my blog post please do let me know and share pictures with me on Instagram

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day
…19 days to go ❤︎


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