Phone Cases Haul

Phone Cases Haul

My first ever phone was a Nokia and it resembled a brick.
I adored it but it was rather ugly.
After watching lots of American High School dramas I noticed their phones were always pretty.
With this in mind I started to decorate my phones.
I started to adorn my phones with crystals that I stuck on myself and fell in love with each phone all over again.
I have always treated my phone like a treasured accessory storing my digital self so I feel we must love and adore our tech sidekick.
iPhone cases can be horribly expensive which is reflected in the quality but for me I would rather have a box full of iPhone cases that can reflect my mood for the day.
eBay is wonderful place to buy phone case very cheaply.
I recently bought four new cases and they all arrived very quickly and make me very happy.

Clear Gems
This iPhone can is wonderful. It is smooth but not sticky.
It has a clear back to allow me to see the rose gold iPhone I was so desperate for.
The sparkles around the edge are embedded very well and do not look like they are going to fall off.

Pink Leather Stand
This phone case makes the phone feel a bit chunkier than the other cases but does a fantastic job in a very pretty way.
The pink leather is bordered with a rose gold metal trim and best of all has a rose gold stand so you can watch YouTube without having to hold your phone.

Festive Sparkles
This phone case feels a bit scratchy to hold but is very eye catching.
I will be using it for all festive occasions from birthdays to Christmas.

Matt Black
This phone case is the classiest of my phone case haul.
The matt rubber texture isn’t at all sticky and feels gorgeously smooth.
Whenever I am trying to add a bit of style to my phone I will be using this one.

Top Tips For Buying Phone Cases

1. If you want it quickly, make sure you narrow your search to your country.

2. If you are female, do not buy plastic cases that are gel like because your hair can stick to the phone and be very painful.

3. Don’t buy sticker cases. They peel off and can look very tacky if not put on immaculately.
They also provide zero protection from droppage.


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