We Heart Tea Breaks

We Heart Tea Breaks

I have grown up despising any hot drink that wasn’t Hot Ribena. I really do not like milk and the taste of tea or coffee makes me shudder. I do not understand how people actually like the flavour of coffee. I feel it tastes like mud and cigarette butts smushed together. This being said, not drinking tea or coffee can actually be quite socially isolating and us Brits definitely like a tea break.

We Heart Tea Breaks 

I have learnt to hone my taste buds to a select a few less milky options such as herbal teas and luckily they have a few health benefits. Below, I have shared my top three teas with some great health benefits.

Camomile Tea
Some people don’t like the flavour of camomile tea but do not judge until you buy the loose leaf flowers…a totally different taste. Camomile tea can help calm you and is known to help you sleep better. I often drink camomile tea at night time or after a busy and stressful day of work.
Little Secret: If you see me order camomile tea during the day it is very likely that I am feeling a little anxious and don’t particularly like the environment I in.

Green Tea
Green tea is the most caffeinated product I drink. There are umpteen types of green tea and I definitely don’t like them all but some are wonderful. Have you ever had a green tea flower where the flower opens in your glass mug. They are absolutely beautiful. Green tea is a little bit stimulating so is great to drink in the morning as an alternative to coffee. It has been widely reported that it aids weight loss because of it stimulating your metabolism. Apparently green tea can also help improve brain function and make you smarter…hmmm.

Peppermint Tea
I adore mint tea, especially when it tastes like sweeties yet has no sugar in! If you want to save money on mint tea, try growing some in your garden or in a flower pot on your windowsill. You don’t need green fingers, it is almost foolproof and spreads like wildfire. I find mint tea to be great when I have a cold as it unblocks my nose. Peppermint tea can in fact exacerbate your need to cough. Apparently the smell of mint is supposed to suppress your appetite, unfortunately I adore the smell and just want to buy a pack of TicTacs.

What are your favourite teas?



  1. March 2, 2016 / 7:04 pm

    nice post,recently i’ve become a tea lover and i’m drinking it every morning now it becomes a ritual hh,i like the photos of your blog

  2. March 1, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Lovely pictures! Think I’ll have a cup of Chamomile Tea now 🙂

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