Healthy Snacks Haul {Tried & Tested}

Healthy Snacks Haul {Tried & Tested}

I have compiled a fair few sweet sugar free treats and tried them out for you. All the treats are available online and some are more affordable than others. I believe that for even the naughtiest of unhealthy snackers there would be something in this healthy snack haul that they would like. Keep reading to find your favourite yummy but healthy snack in my healthy snacks haul.

Squirrel Sisters Coconut Cashew
I had never heard of this brand before but after trying this bar I will definitely be back for more and would love to know what else they make. I hear they have a raspberry bar which is definitely on my shopping list. After one bite I realised they tasted exactly like my Sugar Free Nutty Biscuits before I cook them, honestly so similar. There are two bars within the packaging. They are very dense and filling which is a great. I was feeling rather hungry after a shoot the other day and had these in my bag, they were the perfect filling snack to keep me going for my journey home and until dinner. My mouth is watering just thinking about them, I think I need more of these in my life asap.

Raw Bite Peanut
I was drawn to the Raw Bite bars because of their eye catching design. They are so beautiful and I loved photographing them for this blogpost. This peanut bar tasted a lot like a Tracker bar that I used to have in my lunchbox as a child yet with no guilt of the excess amount of sugar. These bars have no refined sugar and use dates to make up their sweetness.

Raw Bite Protein
I bought this bar for my hubby simply because of it saying Protein on the packaging and I was bit jealous because I wanted the pink bar. It had the same squidgy dense texture as the protein bar but in my opinion was not as yummy. The added cacoa flavour made this bar a bit more dense and filling.

Ombar 72%
Ombar were featured in my recent Whole Foods Haul and as mentioned before I really enjoyed the Ombars that I tried. As with most healthy raw chocolate bars I feel you need to not eat them alongside any “real/standard” chocolate otherways you may be disappointed. Normal chocolate bars that we are used to are incredibly sweet, even dark chocolate bars. They give our sugar brains an instant hit and leave us needing more almost immediately. Raw chocolate bars like Ombar are much richer and have a fairly different taste. I found this 72% bar to be almost alcoholic in taste…and I loved it. You only need a couple of bites and you will be satisfied for a long time. Ombar are the perfect healthy “pick me up”.

iQ Superfood Chocolate Orange Raspberry
Although they are sugarfree, I find the iQ chocolate bars to much more like normal standard chocolate bars therefore a great first taste for those new to raw chocolate. The packaging is adorable with loads of fun information inside about how great the bars are for your health…better get nibbling then. The orange and raspberry bar is incredibly yummy with the perfect amount of sweetness.

iQ Superfood Chocolate Cocoa-Nib
I have to be honest I really need to learn what the difference is between cocoa and cacoa and what the different levels of processed and healthiness is between them. These bars say they have cocoa nibs in them and they taste exactly like bars I have tried that say cacoa-nibs…hmmm. I believe these bars are super healthy whether they are cocoa or cacoa nibs and I adore this bar, the texture of the crunchy nibs is perfect. This bar is basically a more healthy version of Montezuma’s Lordy Lord chocolate bar which I have always adored.

Raw Gorilla Munchies
I spotted these Raw Gorilla Munchies in this months Sourced Box and then again in Whole Foods. They seem to be following me around so I thought I had best give them a try. They are hard yet a little bit chewy. They are quite dense so you don’t feel like you need a lot of them. As an on-the-go snack they are great because they travel well and you only need to pop a couple in your mouth to sate your appetite.

Raw Chocolate Mulberries
You may have spotted these in my recent Whole Foods Haul Blog and Vlog. They were my favourite snack and after thinking I wouldn’t buy anymore because of the price, I have actually since bought four more bags…eeeeek the money! I simply can’t help myself they are incredibly yummy. Even my dad who is a through and through milk chocolate guy adores these Raw Chocolate Mulberries. The taste, the texture, they are simply wonderful and you must all try them, except you can’t try mine because I do not share these ☺ .

I hope you have enjoyed my healthy snack taste test. I certainly loved it and so did Liam. I can honestly say that I would definitely buy every single item again. If I were super rich I would buy these snacks regularly and not feel the need to snack on any unhealthy chocolates or crisps ever again.
Have you tried any sugar free yummy treats or wanted to try any that I should try for you?


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