How To Curl Your Hair With GHD’s

How To Curl Your Hair With GHD’s

I have naturally curly hair. After years of heat abuse on my hair I am left with unruly curls that are a bit of a mess. This has meant that I have had to learn how to curl and straighten my hair quickly. My hair is also very thick so I have to blow dry it, otherways my hair will still be wet 24 hours later. I use my pink breast cancer awareness GHD’s that I bought about 9 years ago and touch wood they are still going strong with no signs of braking down. I filmed a video of how I curl my hair with GHD’s for my YouTube channel which you can watch ‘How To Curl Your Hair With GHD’s’ at the bottom of the page. If you have low wi-fi you can continue reading to learn how.
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1. Roughly blow dry your hair, using a hair brush to tame the hair.
2. Part your hair down the centre into two sections.
3. Point the GHD’s downwards and in a spiral/coiled motion twist the hair.
4. With each section of hair, take about 2cm thick of hair in diameter.
4. When spiraling the hair hold the straighteners loosely closed so that you can smoothly drag the GHD’s through the hair.
5. Your hair will be in very tight glamorous curls at the end. While your hair is still warm run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls.
6. Cover the hair in hairspray to set your curls.

{Featured Image From A Shoot I Did For Headmasters, 2012}


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