Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once

Last year I shot the book cover and filmed the trailer for Harlan Coben’s new book Fool Me Once. It was a wonderful experience. My modelling agent sent me for the casting for the book cover and I was luckily picked from the photos the photographer took by Coben himself. The shoot involved a lot of spinning around and looking scared. Two weeks after we had shot the book cover, Penguin Random House decided they were going to produce a book trailer to go alongside the book release and luckily they wanted to use me to play the lead, Maya. We filmed in a flat in Southwark and then when it was late and really dark outside we went into a scary estate to recreate the book cover for film which you see at the very end of the trailer. I didn’t even have to act this part, it was terrifying being there anyway.
Even though Harlan Coben is a hugely popular author, he has been wonderful in tagging me in his social media promotion of his book. Make sure you buy his ‘Fool Me Once’ which has had raving reviews. Buy the book with my cover on here.
I’ve got my copy and can not wait to read it.

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