6 Top Tips To Keep Motivated To Exercise And Be Healthy

6 Top Tips To Keep Motivated To Exercise And Be Healthy

We are already fast approaching April, the fourth chapter of the year and our “New Year, New Me” resolutions are likely to be waning. I often have days, sometimes weeks where I simply can not be bothered to exercise or eat healthily. Yet, after a binge heavy weekend I tend to be much more motivated come Monday morning. With my yo-yo in motivation over the years I have come to rely on these 6 Top Tips To Keep Motivated To Exercise And Be Healthy.

1. Inspiration Board
I am a strong believer in inspiration boards. A couple of years ago when transferring to a new laptop I stumbled across an old wish board with pictures of everything I desired in 2010. With a lot of wishing and mental desiring and hard work I managed to bag myself that Mini Cooper, Chihuahua and designer handbag. I believe the same could be done with your fitness goals. Whether you are trying to get more toned or more fit you can always make an inspiration board to remind you of why you are working out in the first place and to really hone your desires. For myself, I would like to get a bit more toned in certain areas. To keep me inspired I make a secret motivation board on Pinterest full of pictures of bodies I would quite like mine to be like and clothes I would like to wear when I have accomplished my goals. Bit weird and creepy but it definitely helps inspire you to remember why you are working out.

2. Healthy Competition
Are any of your friends or celebrities that you follow on social media constantly posting images or posts of their fitness successes? If you can’t beat them, join them. Use them as inspiration. Don’t feel defeated by their accomplishments, just feel inspired. Maybe, just maybe you could try and be even better and one up their fitness accomplishments. There is no need to brag about it, just keep it inside and feel fab-u-lous about your achievements, even if that was saying no to the last Rolo.

3. Clothes Shopping
There is no better feeling than heading off to an exercise class dressed up in new workout gear. Maybe spice up your outfit with some new bright tops. Sports bras are so pretty at the moment and it doesn’t matter that no one is going to see it, you know how pretty you look under your sports clothes and that feeling will shine from within. Check out my recent blog post on high street sports clothing or my SHOP where there are lots of gorgeous trainers that I am currently crushing on.

4. New Playlist
My favourite runs are when I have new music. I love to fill my iPod with a running playlist that is full of new uptempo pop music. If I want to stay out running for longer I listen to new music. I don’t care if people can see me but I often spend a forty minute run constantly singing along to Britney or Ellie Goulding. It lets your brain completely disconnect with your awareness to the duration or tiredness you may be feeling.

5. Buddy Up
For some people, working out with a friend or in a group of people can be more motivating and enjoyable for them. I personally don’t love the idea of relying on someone else to make sure I work out incase they can’t make a training session and then I may miss out as well, but I do sometimes quite like working out with others. I do love to go for a run by myself but if mine and my husbands diaries happen to coincide I love to run with my husband, but with this I just assume I am going running by myself and if he is free then that is an added bonus. I also go to my husbands bootcamp classes which I adore because it is a chance to be pushed by a teacher but also have fun with other friends and also make new friends whilst working out, yet not having to rely on someone else to make a certain class with me.

6. Mix It Up
As I mentioned above I love going for a run and to bootcamp classes. I find the best way to keep exercising regularly is to have lots of sports that you enjoy. When I go to a bootcamp class, the class is always different so my mental and fitness state is always challenged and excited. Try not to go for the same 5km run every time you exercise. Maybe mix it up with a different running route or even better, a twenty minute at home ab work out to some loud pop music or go and play a game of tennis with a friend, or go out for a bit of roller blading. Just try anything to prevent yourself from getting board.
I shared with you an example of the different types of exercises and why I do them in this blog post.

I hope my tips can help you keep motivated to keep fit and healthy. With even a little bit of exercise you will  be pumping out those endorphins in no time and we all know what Elle Woods say’s about that..
“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Let me know of any other tips you can share with us all.

(Images: Tom Barnes)


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