Open up your living room windows and let the fresh air fill your living room. Turn off the lights and light some candles. Snuggle up under a blanket on your sofa and relax. Here are my Netflix picks for the month including movies and TV programs.

Bad Neighbours
If you haven’t yet seen this movie and need a light hearted laugh then you must watch this movie. Bad Neighbours is hilarious and the cast is perfect. Bad Neighbours 2 has just been released but make sure you watch this first.

Special Correspondents
I am in two minds about this movie. We watched this movie because the trailer looked great, yet I found the movie a little bit slow. The concept was great and the actors are hilarious yet i kind of felt they needed to add a little more to the storyline. A movie to watch when you fancy something new but don’t have anything else to watch.

Absolutely Fabulous
Absolutely Fabulous started back in 1992 and is still wonderful to watch. With the movie being released next month you should try and binge watch the series quickly. We have just started watching series 6 after a few weeks of binging and even Liam is loving it.

Gossip Girl
With Blake Lively plastered across the latest society news wearing gorgeous dresses, I have been reminded of why I first girl crushed on her. I was a huge fan of Gossip Girl which came hot off the heels of The OC. Watch New York City be glamorised to unreachable heights that even the Mayor of NYC approved so much that he named a day in the year after Gossip Girl.

Jane The Virgin
Jane The Virgin has been airing on E4 for a few years now. With a smidgen of Ugly Betty’s charm this program is peculiar and heart warming. Each episode has an underlying message that teaches you how to be a better person. Every character is lovely and hilarious in their own way. A must watch for a giggle.

Sorry this months instalment is a little late. I hope April’s picks were tiding you over.
What have you been watching?

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