I am back with my the latest instalment of my interview series. This month I have an interview with hair stylist, Sian Quinn with lots of hair tips and tricks.
Sian Quinn from Headmasters is a supremely talented hair stylist and one of the very few people that I let look after my hair. As a model I am terrified of anyone dying or cutting my hair in the wrong way but Sian and a few other amazingly talented stylists at Headmasters are the exception. My first photo shoot for Headmasters was six years ago in 2010 and I was lucky enough to shoot the front cover of their magazine and then quickly got signed with my model agency MOT as a result.
I think the main reason I adore everyone at Headmasters is because they are all such lovely friendly people that really know their stuff and they know how to make you look like a beautiful version of yourself rather than giving you an edgy look that doesn’t work in everyday life. I have interviewed Sian asking her lots of questions about hair that you should find very interesting and helpful.


Sian has been hairdressing for nearly 10 years after starting at 16 years old as an apprentice in a busy salon in Wimbledon. After quickly falling in love with the profession she quickly developed into a sought after hair stylist that when not working for Headmasters works at X Factor, London Fashion Week and with many influential models and TV personalities and Little Mix. Yet her absolute dream client would be Kate Moss.



How often should we get our haircut?
How often you get your hair cut depends on what style you have and condition of your hair, If your hair is long and the condition is good then you can wait for up to 10-12 weeks before cutting hair to maintain its health. With shorter bobs and pixie cuts, to keep the style it should be between 4-6 weeks.

Is it true that if you want your hair to grow you should get regular trims? It seems weird that you would cut hair off to make it grow.

If you are experiencing a lot of breakage, it is going to be much harder to grow your hair and keep it healthy. I recommend regular trims to maintain the ends, cutting your hair will not affect how fast it grows from the roots but if hair is broken it cannot be fixed and will break off and will be much harder to grow long.

How often should we wash our hair?
Deciding how often to wash your hair is very personal, if you are using a good professional shampoo and conditioner it won’t be a problem washing it daily. Dry shampoos and light oils have allowed women to delay washing hair for longer.

How much shampoo and conditioner should we use? I like to use a lot to feel clean but I have heard it should just be a small 50p sized dollop.
Salon quality products are far more concentrated therefore using around the size of a pound coin is plenty even on long hair. Shampoo is supposed to cleanse your scalp therefore if the first application of shampoo doesn’t foam well use more water followed by a second shampoo which will ensure your scalp is fully cleansed and treated. Salon quality products last a lot longer than high street brands as you need to use far less product when washing your hair.

How do you actually use dry shampoo without getting grey hair dust?
Dry shampoo should be used sparingly, spray from a distance to reduce the risk of powdery roots. There are plenty of different brands you can use, my favourite is Hippy Club dry shampoo which is powder free and leaves your hair feeling light and fresh without a trace of a white dusty root.

How often should we brush our hair?
Ideally you should brush your hair every day; however I have very curly hair so I wouldn’t dream of brushing it dry! I make sure I brush it through with conditioner in the shower to detangle. If you have long hair I recommend sleeping with it tied up so it doesn’t knot at night, and I recommend using a satin pillowcase to reduce friction and frizz!

Is it true we should finish up washing our hair in cold water?
Hot water opens the cuticles and cold closes it so the idea is that using colder water should make hair look shiny. I wouldn’t recommend using icy cold water, luke warm will be enough!!



Is there a specific style of hair dying that can help us not have our roots show through so quickly?
The best way to ensure roots don’t come through quickly is keeping your colour close to your natural. Having a glossing rather than permanent colour is an effective way of reducing roots as a glossing gradually fades so you don’t see a harsh root when it grows. If you are dark and grey coverage is your priority there are plenty of root sprays to help delay appointments.

How best can we get exactly the look we want from a hairdresser/How can we know if a haircut will suit our face shape or not?
When it comes to finding out what will suit your face for a haircut, Headmasters offer free consultations, these are a 15 minute appointment that you can use to talk through different styles and find one that is easy to manage. We also offer this for colour, it can be so difficult knowing which tone to opt for in order to illuminate your complexion so we have colour capes to determine which colours will sharpen your features rather than blend in, often small changes can have huge results!



Is there a way to know if a hair colour will suit our skin tone without making a hair dye mistake?
To prolong colour, using salon professional shampoos and conditioners is the best way! Have a stylist recommend what would be best for your hair needs as salon shampoos and conditioners don’t have the aggressive sulphites in them that cheaper brands have that can strip colour.

What is the best way to prolong hair colour?
Short in between visits to the salon to freshen your colour is a great way to prolong your hair colour. Ask your stylist about toning or partial highlighting techniques to stretch your appointments.



What do you think is the best hairbrush?
From a consumer point of view I love the tangle teezer! It detangles hair quickly without causing any damage; these are particularly effective for long hair. For shorter looks I would advise using the Denman flat brush which is great for blow drying quickly and efficiently into a style.

Which brand is your favourite for shampoo and conditioner?
Kerastase range of shampoos are incredible, they are prescription base products that ensure to cater for each individuals hair needs. I’m also a big fan of Pureology products as they are a vegan based group so everything is very natural and ethical.

What products or secrets could you help us know how to fake thick hair?
A great way to fake thicker locks is using dry shampoo through the lengths and ends to bulk hair out. After styling hair spray dry shampoo from a distance into the lengths and ends.

What’s the best way to stop hair from looking frizzy?
Hair tends to frizz due to dehydration, if there is any moisture in the air the hair will expand. There is a lot of pollution in the atmosphere and which is damaging to hair therefore the best way to achieve smoother hair is using appropriate nourishing styling products and treatments and getting the optimum condition back. Kerastase Elixir Ultime is a great product as it absorbs easily into hair.




As a child I remember snapping and pulling at split ends. Can spilt end damage your hair?When the hair splits at the end that is a sign your hair is damaged, if they are left they can end up slitting up the hair shaft and creating irreversible damage. Therefore having regular cuts to maintain the shape and condition is essential. Pulling them and breaking them off would definitely cause more damage!

Is there a colour or length that makes your hair and appearance look youthful?
When it comes to ageing, I strongly believe you absolutely do not have to cut all your hair off!! As long as the hair maintains shine and looks healthy then long hair can be great to frame your face. Keeping the hair between the jaw line and collar bone is a very flattering and youthful haircut.



Have you worked at LFW? The models go from show to show having their hair tugged about, is there anything they can do to look after their hair?
I have worked a few seasons at London fashion week and it is a stressful and chaotic environment where creativity thrives! Nothing’s more exciting; however models hair is constantly transformed and reshaped all day! With the overuse of heat styling it is critical that models treat their hair afterwards, a hair mask on in a long bath would certainly dramatically help following the constant heat damage and styling.

When you are casting models for hair shows and shoots what do you look for in their hair?
When we are casting for shoots and shows the main thing we look for in a model is the condition of the hair, length of the hair would depend on what we were specifically looking for as the final look. With colour the overall health of the hair would be the most important thing!



Which celebrity do think always has great hair?
My celeb hair crush is Blake Lively, I love her effortless boho chic locks. Her sunshine blonde is a great example to show clients a natural sun kissed blonde.



If you are time starved what is the best hair style you could do yourself but still look like you made an effort?
If you are starved for time I honestly think you can’t go wrong with a classic pony! Pony’s work well because they look cool sleek or rock chic if it’s a fluffier messier texture.
Firstly tilt your head back slightly it stops the back of the hair sagging which can be unflattering.
Once tied up gather a small piece of hair underneath the pony and wrap around the band disguise the hair tie and pin it in place. To finish, spritz hairspray into the palms of your hands and massage around the front hairline to create an undone softer effect.

What’s the best hair style for a strapless wedding dress?
It’s bridal season and strapless dresses are perfect for a summer wedding. It’s all about confidence and taste, I would suggest a gorgeous undone chignon for a whimsical up-do that will soften any obvious angles. For some having your whole neck and chest exposed can leave you feeling a bit self conscious therefore in this case I would suggest a half up half down style or an elegant sweep to the side. With any bride it’s important to think about the style of the dress and jewellery and the theme of the day so that your hair compliments.


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