Top 10 tips to make your teeth bright

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Teeth Bright | Megan Taylor

I may may not be a professional dental practitioner but I am a model and actress which means my teeth are very important for my job. In this industry I am often in front of the camera and the close ups on my teeth are intense, meaning my teeth are always on my mind and I am very aware that I need to look after them. Over the years I have learnt and discovered many top tips to keep your teeth in tip top condition. Below I have listed my top 10 tips to make your teeth bright. I go into a little more detail on my YouTube channel. Check out my latest video with the link at the bottom of this page.


1. Do not drink red wine or coffee

2. Do not smoke

3. Do not brush your teeth after eating fruit

4. When you consume acidic food and drinks, finish up with a glass of water

5. Floss

6. Use a straw

7. Brush your teeth twice a day

8. Drink water

9. Mouth wash and/or coconut pulling

10. If all else fails…have your teeth whitened professionally


Products that I use

Sterline Electric Toothbrush
I am loving this toothbrush by Sterline. The power is super strong and there is a choice of three toothbrush heads. My favourite is the interdental head which is great for cleaning my fixed brace and getting in my gums. Also it is super cheap for an electric toothbrush!

CB12 Mouthwash
I am particularly loving this mouth wash at the moment because as a fresh breath addict I love the fact this is so strongly scented yet doesn’t burn your mouth!


I hope you have enjoyed my video and top 10 tips to make your teeth bright and white. If you have any questions or some extra tips to add feel free to comment down below x

All products mentioned were sent to me for reviewing purposes. As always all opinions are my own.

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