Stay Safe In The Sun With KIKO

Stay Safe In The Sun With KIKO

I am a big fan of KIKO make up as you may have noticed in a recent blog post featuring my latest make up haul. It was only recently that I realised that KIKO had a huge range of sun protecting products as well. Tanning lotion is really important for us all to use when we are out and about in the sun. KIKO have a few products for our hair as well which is exciting after a childhood of naughtily squeezing lemons all over my hair whilst sunbathing to try and make it blonder.

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Sunless Tan Cream

I used this tan lotion on my legs before I went to Barcelona. I only had time to use it once but I loved it and would definitely recommend it as it didn’t streak at all and best of all didn’t smell of biscuits. Liam actually said he liked the smell and he hates fake tan smells.

Solar Revive Lotion
It is always great to take an after sun with you on holiday. However much we try protect our skin during the summer months we can still get dry skin from sun exposure so try and moisturise with after sun at the end of each day.

Solar Haircare Oil
I am yet to use this product and am not sure how I feel about adding oil to my hair whilst out in the sun but if it does protect your hair that is amazing. I will give this a try when I go on holiday.

Solar Protect Serum
I am a huge fan of using a serum under my make up rather than a cream and the packaging of this serum is wonderful. I am always partial to a product that separates into two different colours until you shake them up…easily swayed.

Solar Protect Balm
On a recent trip to Barcelona I was in the sun a lot for the first time this year so whilst travelling around I made sure I was wearing KIKO’s Sun Protect Balm on my lips. I especially adored this product because along with its sun protecting ability it is also tinted making you feel like you have a bit of make up on even though you were at first only intending to protect your lips from the sun.

Have you tried any of these products?


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