3 Minute Manicure

3 Minute Manicure

Back when I had a short bout of acne my modelling agent started getting me bookings as a hand model…considering acne didn’t spread to my hands (side note: how come acne doesn’t seem to effect anyone below their chest/back??). Anyway…hand modelling became my saviour as it allowed me to keep earning money and not worry about my angry acne ridden face. With many last minute hand modelling jobs I quickly learnt how to spruce up my hands within a few minutes. Below I have listed the very few products you will need to go from gardening hands to hand model hands. I also filmed a video ‘3 Minute Manicure’.


Hand Balm
I use Balm Balm Rose Geranium balm to help rejuvenate my hands. I find that this soaks perfectly into any dry sky around my cuticles and nail bed.

Nail Varnish

I use this Natural Collection nail varnish which is the perfect amount of pinkness that blends into my natural nail colour yet doesn’t look like you have a colour on your nails. To top off its wonderfulness, it is incredibly cheap. I have a few bottles of this on the go at all times, one in my work bag, one in my nail kit and one in the living room.

Nail File
I like to use these very thin nail files because they allow you to get closely into the sides of the nails and file away any excess nail filings that occur under your nails and filing.

Orange Stick
Orange sticks are wonderful when they are double ended like these ones. I use the flat end to push back my cuticles and the skinny pokey end to scrape away any dirt from under the nails.

Nail Pencil
My mum introduced me to nail pencils when I was younger and now I wouldn’t be without one. These Rimmel ones also come with a lid that doubles as an orange stick…a multi functioning product in one. Before moisturising your hands use this white pencil to draw under each nail giving you the illusion of a French manicure. A little gross but wonderful tip is to lick the pencil to make it paint your under-nails whiter.



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