At Home Facial With Una Brennan

At Home Facial With Una Brennan

Everything about the packaging of Una Brennan’s Vitamin C range makes me feel like I have detoxed this summer. If like me you have actually detoxed on cocktails maybe you should treat yourself to an at home facial with these Una Brennan goodies. All of the products smell of fresh oranges.

Sleep & Revival Night Cream

This cream feels very luxurious and thick which is perfect for a night cream. I really love the frosted look glass tub which reminds me of Clarins cream but at half the price.

Glow Boost Skin Serum
There is something that I really love about this creams application having a skinny squirty tube. This cream is quite dense and has great coverage so will definitely last you a very long time.

Dark Circles Eye Cream
As someone who has quite dark circles under their eyes this product drew my attention first. I most likely have have dark eyes because of my Italian heritage rather than from any lack of sleep so I am not sure if it has really changed anything but my eyes definitely feel moisturised after use. I found that you didn’t need much of this cream for under your eyes which is probably why there is the skinny applicator like the Glow Boost Skin Serum.

Have you tried any Una Brennan products before?

All products were gifted to me to try. As always all opinions are my own.

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