A Romantic Trip To Soho Farmhouse

A Romantic Trip To Soho Farmhouse

Last week Liam and I decided to book a couple of days off work to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. After reading about Soho Farmhouse in a magazine last year it has been on my list of places to go ever since. Keep on reading for my review of the venue and what you can expect if you visit.
Trundling down a couple of miles of well preened country lanes we knew we had arrived on Soho Farmhouses’ soil. From the moment we drove into the front entrance to the moment we left we were living in a relaxing bubble. Literally nothing compares to the experience we had here. Some people want to compare Soho Farmhouse to Disneyland for adults or Centre Parcs but once you have been you will realise its not the same as anywhere else that you have been.
Once your booking at Soho Farmhouse has been confirmed you will be sent your itinerary along with the house rules…these house rules include not taking too many pictures around the social areas. Our farmhand explained this is just so that you don’t snap shots of celebs boozing or sunbathing in the background. Even as a non-celeb I kind of love this. The lack of photo taking meant that I didn’t constantly have my phone glued to my hand ready to Snapchat each breadcrumb that I was about to nibble on. This being said, I still documented some of our trip for prosperity. Another rule was to not chat on the phone in the social areas, again this added to the pure relaxing vibe the venue oozes.

A Romantic Trip To Soho Farmhouse
There is a choice of a studio cabin, group house or tepee style glamping tent. We had a studio cabin which was equipped with the biggest, most comfortable bed on the planet, rainfall shower, bathroom, outdoor bathtub, umpteen Cowshed beauty products, wood fire, kitchen and a TV with FREE new release films!!
(We stayed in cabin 5)

Where do I start? We were there for 48 hours and struggled to fit everything in. Some of the activities are…
rowing boats, swimming pools, gymnasium, sports classes, cookery classes, cocktail bar(s), restaurant(s), cycling, cinema, horse riding, football, air hockey, snooker, ping pong, massages, treatments, foosball…and so much more.

☆ Converted milk floats which transport you around from location to location.
☆ Insanely high internet speeds even when you are in the fields…do they have wifi hubs located under the grass??
☆ Some of the converted milk trucks are actually mini cocktail bars and you can book a time slot to have them come and hang out outside your cabin to give you quality uninterrupted cocktail barman time.


There is so much more that I want to tell you but I don’t want to ruin the whole mystery of the Farmhouse illusion. You must book to go as soon as you can, you will, without a doubt have a fantastic time. Also, if you live South of Oxfordshire I highly advise a pitstop to Bicester Village on your way home for a spot of discounted designer shopping and some top nosh at the Farmshop which is in actual fact also under the Soho House umbrella.
Let me know if you go x


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