Organise Your Life With Kikki.K

Organise Your Life With Kikki.K | Megan Taylor

Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to buying new stationary. I have a shelf full of empty notepads just waiting to be filled with exciting notes. I have always loved the feeling of buying new stationary and starting a new notebook. For my birthday I was gifted lots of gorgeous Kikki.K goodies, all tinted with a hint of rose gold…always going to go down well with me. With all of these new goodies I have decided I am going to start organising my life a little better.

Organise Your Life With Kikki.K | Megan TaylorThis Goals Journal is a great place to get started because it can help focus your mind to what you really want to achieve. Split into months, you can track your goals and look back on how far you have come.

Organise Your Life With Kikki.K | Megan TaylorThis initialed notepad is perfect to have beside your bed for those last minute life changing ideas that only seem to pop up when you are trying to get to sleep. The paper in these notepad is gorgeous and textured making it feel very plush.

Organise Your Life With Kikki.K | Megan TaylorI use the little sticky labels in each of my notepads to pinpoint different points. I have always bought the naff looking plastic sticky labels to bookmark recipes in my cookbooks and inspiring outfits in magazines but these ones are for my special notepads. The Focus Notepad was actually in a pack of three notepads but this is my favourite. Another one of my notepads from this pack is actually being used to store some very exciting ideas for a project I am working on with my dad…I hope to tell you more about that soon.

Rose Gold Pen
Initial Notepad
List Stickers
Goals Journal
Focus Notepad

Check out my hand picked selection below of even more gorgeous stationary

Which brands do you love to go to for pretty stationary?


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