But What Is Baobab?

But What Is Baobab? | Megan Taylor

Baobab is constantly being talked about by all the top healthy food bloggers, yet if like me you have no idea what it is then you must read ahead. Baobab is full of so much goodness that we have all been missing out on and it is completely affordable. Baobab has an insane amount of benefits which I have listed below. After you have read them all you will want to buy some Baobab for yourself immediately.

But What Is Baobab? | Megan Taylor

What Is Baobab?
Baobab fruit comes from the Baobab tree, also known as Adansonia Digitata tree from Africa. The fruit looks like a large mango with a hard shell. The fruit inside it naturally dries out within therefore it doesn’t need any unhealthy processes applied to it to create the Baobab powder.

What are the benefit of Baobab?
High Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
During the darker winter months I think it is key that we find some healthy ways of boosting our energy and keeping healthy. It is believed that Baobab can increase your energy and boost your immune system

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But What Is Baobab? | Megan Taylor
How To Eat Baobab
The simplest way to add Baobab into your diet is by adding a couple of spoonfuls to your homemade smoothie or juice. Another way is to add it to your yoghurt. Unlike most superfood powders, Baobab is actually very tasty. It tastes a bit like a zingy tropical citrus that I am sure everyone would like.

But What Is Baobab? | Megan Taylor
Have you tried Baobab yet? If you want any yummy inspiration for how to consume Baobab check out Panda Vita’s Instagram account for some gorgeous pictures.

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  1. Megan
    November 18, 2016 / 5:21 pm

    It does seem to have a lot of benefits. I have been sprinkling it on yoghurt in the morning to make sure I have some in my diet.
    Thank you so much for your lovely message Bella xx

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