Treat Yourself This Black Friday

Treat Yourself This Black Friday

Some people in the UK are showing signs of getting angry that us Brits have started celebrating an American tradition. I personally do not understand why you would be angry at something that is giving us money off a pleasurable experience? Well…for those who fancy a little Black Friday treat for themselves I have rounded up some amazing deals that you can shop right now.


Let’s talk monochrome. Monochrome is basically black and white tones and it suits everyone. It is easy to wear and easy to style and perfect for the festive season ahead. Everyone knows a LBD (Little Black Dress) is the easiest thing to chuck on when you are going to a party.


Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean we have to stick to colours that look like the dead leaves on the floor (see my last blog post). I am a big lover of everything from Wildfox because their clothes are insanely soft and luxurious. Now that the Black Friday sales have started I am definitely going to be purchasing a huge load of their goodies.


A fancy handbag or clutch can add a dash of playfulness and colour to even a simple T-Shirt and jeans combo.

What will you treat yourself to this Black Friday?

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