Tiny Edible Christmas Treats

Tiny Edible Christmas Treats | Megan Taylor

These biscuits are a smaller take on my chocolate dipped orange zest biscuits which I blogged about back in 2013 before megantaylor.london even existed. These yummy shortbread biscuits taste shop bought. They remind me of the mini shortbread christmas trees you can buy in a bag at Marks and Spencer. I have included a yummy cinnamon sugar toping that works wonders with the lightly flavoured orange biscuits. Be careful though because they are very easy to eat and very difficult to share.


75g unsalted butted, softened and diced
113g plain flour, sifted
50g caster sugar
1/2 egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Zest of 1 satsuma
(You will need a cookie cutter or glass to cut them and a rolling-pin)
1 Tablespoon of Caster Sugar (for the topping)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon (for the topping)
Festive cookie cutters. These small cookie cutters are great and super cheap.

Tiny Edible Christmas Treats | Megan Taylor


•Preheat the oven to 160°.
•Using your finger tips, rub together the butter, flour and sugar until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
•Using a wooden spoon, mix in the egg yolk, vanilla extract and the zest of one satsuma.
•Form the dough into a ball, then turn it onto a lightly floured surface kneading the dough for a few seconds.
•Roll out the dough to a thickness of 5mm using a rolling-pin.
•Using a small festive cookie cutter, cut out as many mini cookies as possible and place on baking sheets. •Bake for 12 minutes, checking regularly.
•They will be ready once they have turned golden at the edges.
•Mix together the caster sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.
•When your biscuits are still a little bit warm sprinkle your cinnamon sugar over them and leave to cool.

Let me know if you make my biscuits by tagging me on Instagram @itsmegantaylor

Tiny Edible Christmas Treats | Megan Taylor



  1. December 1, 2016 / 4:20 pm

    These are absolutely delicious!!!! Superb post x

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