Date Night Box Unboxing

Date Night Box Unboxing | Mistletoe | Megan Taylor

How long has it been since you and your partner had a proper date…without your phones? For Liam and I as freelancers we do not stop working. My mum even said to us the other day that we need to chill out! When Date Night sent me a box through the post I was overwhelmed and excited. One of the first things it says in the box is to turn off your phones. Date Night is a subscription box yet you can also gift it and but it one off therefore not tying you in to anything. I think it would be the perfect gift to send to a friend who has just had a child and may be feeling all kinds of exhaustion and possibly needs a little couple time with her partner.

Date Night Box Unboxing | Megan Taylor

The Opening

The box is quite big so when I received the package through the post I was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. The first thing that I noticed once I opened the box was the sheer amount of goodies that came in the box. The box by the way is gorgeous. It is a big classy black box with a magnetic closure…I will definitely be reusing the box. The cards within the box which describe and guide you through what to do and also personalised. There in big bold stylised letters were mine and Liam’s names, it is little touches like this which make it all the more wonderful. There is also a card which is specific to each box which has a quote scrawled on in Pinterest style writing which is calling out to be framed. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to frame quotes and put them above my desk.

Date Night Box Unboxing | Megan Taylor

The Goodies

Our box was focused around a spa experience and was full of lovely products which included handmade chocolates and a divine rose petal bath bomb. All of the products were wrapped in black and each package was labelled with a number to match to its corresponding envelope which helped guide you through the romantic evening. A couple of my favourite products within the box…
Yuyo Tea
This tea smells incredibly intense and strong and tastes delicious, it works a treat to help perk you up for your date night. The heady scents of garden mint essential oils are probably the reason why I am in love.  Yuyo tea is the brainchild of a lovely couple who have been inspired by their travels across the Caribbean seas.
Chilly B Soap
This rose petal bath bomb is the perfect accompaniment to a romantic bath. The petal delicately float across your bath and surround you with the gorgeous scent of roses. Best of all these bath balls are hand made ensuring your bath is natural and chemical free.

Date Night Box Unboxing | Megan Taylor

If you are stuck for a present idea this Christmas and like my friends and I do couples Secret Santa then this is 110% theDate Night boxes are a perfect present idea.
Subscribe to Date Night or buy a box here.

Date Night Box Unboxing | Megan Taylor

Watch me unbox my Date Night box here:

This post is sponsored by Date Night Box. All opinions are my own x

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