The Angel // Abergavenny // Wales

The Angel // Abergavenny // Wales | Megan Taylor

If you find yourself in the Brecon Beacons for a walking trip or on a romantic trip away to South Wales then I can highly recommend staying in Abergavenny for a super chilled break away from the buzz of London or any other town for that matter. I have just got back from a trip to Waitrose in Abergavenny with my mum and we were chatting about how laid back, jolly and smiley everyone was. Back home, in Surrey, even though you aren’t quite in the hub of London, you are very aware of the majority of people being in a constant rush (I must admit I am one of those people). If you are wondering where to stay or where to have a drink then I have the place for you…


I am half Welsh and my dad is from Abergavenny where The Angel is located. I have spent my whole life visiting Abergavenny and have always loved it. Since the famous food festival started back in 1999 I have seen Abergavenny modernise greatly and get more and more popular. The Angel Hotel is the biggest hot spot for cocktails along with being a lovely place to stay or have high tea.

The Angel // Abergavenny // Wales | Megan Taylor
Food & Drink

At The Angel you have the option of having a posh 3 course meal, high tea, pub-style lunch, bar food or simply stop by for top notch cocktails. On a recent trip to Abergavenny a group of my friends and I went for an evening of cocktails and some bar food. We arrived at peak time yet still managed to find a little nook big enough for six of us to have 3 huge sofas and table service.

What We Drank

We all tried a couple of cocktails each yet the favourite was definitely HIDDEN TREASURE. With the rich flavour of rum and raspberries, I was in heaven and could drink these all day everyday!

The Angel // Abergavenny // Wales | Megan Taylor

If you go, let me know and let me know which cocktail you choose


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  1. December 29, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    They do a mean Gin and Tonic too. The Angel are champions of Chase Gin but they have Brecon Gin which is also lovely 😛

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