Power Shot Juice Recipe

Power Shot Juice Recipe | Megan Taylor

Happy New Year everyone? How are your ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions coming along? Well mine personally are so-so. I haven’t drunk any alcohol since New Years (My aim is to not drink until Valentine’s Day – with the exception of celebratory events). Yet I haven’t yet stopped eating chocolate or started going to bed earlier. In fact it is currently 23:45 and I am sat here contemplating pressing play on my fourth episode of The Good Wife whilst I finish this blog post…whoopsie. These late nights and sugar binges can cause us to feel a tad lethargic come the next morning. I want to share with you my favourite power shot juice recipe to make which gives you a really good kick that wakes you up and feels like it is doing you some good. I am not actually here to promote House Press whose bottles I have here (it is just coincidental that the ingredients on the bottle are very similar to my own). If I have a juice when I am out and about and the bottle is cute I like to keep them to use for my own juices.




My measurements for this method are a bit haphazard as it is completely down to your own personal tastebuds. I like to use a ratio of 5:2:1 (Apples:Lime:Ginger). I sometimes add extra ginger, depending on how much of a kick my sleepy self needs. I don’t drink cafeine so this is my own version.
Use a sharp knife to peel off the skin of the ginger and lime. If you use a good enough juicer you can just throw in all of the ingredients once you have skinned the lime and ginger and juice them quicker than you can imagine.

Power Juice Shot | Megan Taylor


Since buying my juicer last summer I think ginger is my absolute favourite ingredient to add to a juice. I adore the kick it gives and actually quite like it to be the overriding flavour. Ginger is commonly known to reduce bloating, treat nausea, help indigestion and for us girlies it is meant to help with any menstral pains.
The smell of Lime is incredible, don’t you agree? It immediately transports me to a summer holiday at a cocktail bar overlooking the sea. Other than this wonderful thought it is actually known to help aid digestion and be great for your skin.
Apples are on the sugary side so you don’t want to go overboard with your fruit juices. This being said apples are a great source of fibre and known to help detoxify your liver.

What is your favourite juice recipe? If you make my juice, make sure to tag me on Instagram @itsmegantaylor


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