The Letterman Jacket

How To Wear A Letterman Jacket | Megan Taylor

I bought this Letterman jacket in the sale at Zara last week for only £29.99. I have always been a fan of the Letterman jacket look (or sometimes known as the Varsity Jacket). Most probably because I have always been a sucker for those American RomCom movies with the high school jocks and their awesome jackets that they drape over their girlfriends basically symbolising an engagement ring. When fashion labels started selling them specifically for us girls I was really happy. If you happen to buy one a size up it creates that adorable, I just stole my boyfriends jacket look which I adore. This jacket happens to be a bit oversized and I love that. I think the ZT initials on the back are for Zara’s label TRF…I am tempted to find some felt initials of my own to switch it up, yet we know that’s never going to happen.

How To Wear A Letterman Jacket | Megan Taylor


With a statement jacket like this one I think the safest and most easy way to wear it is with skinny black jeans and a white T shirt. I have styled this look with my Converse trainers which subtley match the jackets banding.

How To Wear A Letterman Jacket | Megan Taylor


Letterman jackets are normally made using boiled wool which I personally find a bit too harsh to touch. this jacket is made with a soft felt and lined with a quilting. In the typical varsity style this jacket has the ribbed collar, cuffs and waist band detailing with the contrasting banding.

How To Wear A Letterman Jacket | Megan Taylor

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