The Cashmere Hoodie

The Cahmere Hoodie | Megan Taylor

Ok…so I lured you in under false pretences. This is not actually a cashmere hoodie but an £8 hoodie that feels exactly like an expensive cashmere hoodie. I am in love and I have to tell you about my new found hoodie obsession. If you were to feel it for yourself you wouldn’t believe where it is from.

The Cahmere Hoodie | Megan Taylor


Surprisingly this hoodie is from Primark. Even though I have been wearing this hoodie out and about it is actually part of their nightwear range. When you touch the fabric it is hard to believe it is only £8, yet when you step foot in Primark you kind of expect it to be about that price. I feel like it is a great buy and I may need to go and get another one just so I can rotate it in my clothes washing routine.

The Cahmere Hoodie | Megan Taylor


This hoodie is quite thin so I have found that it is great to layer up during the cold snap that we are experiencing yet will easily transition into the spring and summer when we wont need to layer it. Stick a leather jacket on top for a cool look or wear it before and after your gym class for a cosy vibe. Primark even sell tracksuit bottoms in the same fabric. I wouldn’t suggest venturing out of the house in the full set for fear of looking a little too much like you are out in your PJs.

The Cahmere Hoodie | Megan Taylor





    • March 9, 2017 / 2:31 pm

      My PLN helps me learn so much every day, and I know that translates to the teachers and students that I touch. But I LOVE this example of how your PLN taught your students! What great conoarsetivns! Now I want to know what tinned peaches are!

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