Bobbie Brown Smoothing Cleansing Milk

Bobbie Brown Smoothing Cleansing Milk | Megan Taylor

The winter months have left my skin feeling less than perky and a little bit on the dry side. I run most mornings in the bitter winter wind and as a result my face is constantly being battered about in the cold air. As soon as I spied this Bobbi Brown Cleansing Milk I had a feeling that the milky substance would be more hydrating than my normal cleanser? I’m not sure if I am right or not but I am definitely enjoying the whole process. The milky and creamy texture is much richer than a standard oily based cleanser. In fact it feels just like a normal face cream yet you use it on wet skin and then wash it away and carry on with your normal facial routine.

Bobbie Brown Smoothing Cleansing Milk | Megan Taylor


I find that cleansers are really great at stripping make up and dirt from your skin that it can often leave you feeling dry. Because of this I often feel like I need to use an insane amount of face serum to reverse the drying affect.

Bobbie Brown Smoothing Cleansing Milk | Megan Taylor


I was brought up by a trained aromatherapist so I am always a fan of products that have essential oils in. Lavender is a tricky one for me because although I love the scent I actually associate it with cuts and grazes. I know lavender is great at helping the skin heal which makes me want to use it as much as possible. I can’t work out if this product has a lavender derivative or the actaully essential oil as it says ‘Lavender Flower Complex’? Hmmm…do you know what that means?

Bobbie Brown Smoothing Cleansing Milk | Megan Taylor




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