Copper Make Up Dreams

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor

As I sat down to do my make up this morning I realised my copper addiction is on overdrive. Everything surrounding me is copper. Although this is a bit crazy, it makes me incredibly happy and I wanted to share the beauty with you and show you how you too could have copper make up dreams.

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor

Copper Tray


I started with this copper tray from Oliver Bonas to place any spare bits and bobs that don’t fit in my standard beauty blogger Muji acrylic perspex drawers (does everyone have these?). I adore this tray because I can keep a few of my quick go-to beauty products that I always use or are a funky shape.

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor

Copper Tweezers
Copper Tumbler


I was given this copper tumbler in my stocking a few years back and at first used it for a cocktail glass. I soon decided that it spent more time in the glass cupboard and it was far too pretty to be hidden. I have a few too many make up brushes and not enough drawers to store them in so I have started putting my most used (and most pretty) brushes in this glass. The only problem with this is that they can get a little dusty. I actually think I may swop the brushes with eyeliners or another enclosed product that wouldn’t matter if it were dusty. The pictured copper tweezers were in a recent Look Fantastic Beauty Box and I love them as much for their capability of shaping my brows as their beauty.

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor

Heated Eyelash Curlers
Copper Eyelash Curlers


I am loving both of these eyelash curlers at the moment but am in a quandary over which works better. I have quite long lashes but they are naturally straight so I always use eyelash curlers. I think both have benefits but the standard metal squeasy type probably give me the best curling effect.

Rosie For Autograph Lip Gloss (My Best Girl Friend)
Too Faced Lipstick (Jelly Bean)


Two very different lip effects with these two lipsticks but both packaged beautifully. Again, as I have already said, I am a sucker for anything rose gold or copper and these lipsticks tick the boxes. The Rosie for Autograph lipstick has a glossy effect and is very slightly tinted, the stick is not a true representation of the colour. It is a lot paler than the stick which makes it very easily wearable and is one of those tinted lipsticks that you can apply without a mirror. The Too Faced lipstick is a gorgeous red toned pink lipstick and is probably my favourite lipstick of the moment. The only problem I have with this lipstick is that the twisting opening has stopped working even though there is a lot of lipstick inside it. I have resorted to sticking my little finger in there and dabbing the colour on my lips.

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor
Tinted Lipbalm


This tinted lip balm is packages in a beautiful and unusual way. I have never seen a little lip balm pot that looks this way which makes it really precious. I find the lip balm itself a little bit sticky for my liking. If I were single I wouldn’t mind but ever since I met my husband he has shown a dislike for sticky lip products. Until I met Liam I owned more Lancome Juicy Tubes than one person needs. This pot will definitely be staying on display on my dressing table beyond its expiration date.

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor
Few…that’s a lot of copper make up products which my dressing tables aesthetics are thankful for. Can you recommend any more beautiful beauty products that I should invest in?

Copper Make Up Dreams | Megan Taylor




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