3 Of The Best Pancake Toppings

3 Of The Best Pancake Toppings | Megan Taylor

Pancake Day is next week and as you know, I love an “event” because it is a stable tradition in my other ways unsteady freelance working life. I love the whole challenge of Pancake Day and trying to make the best thin (in my opinion) pancakes and successfully flipping the pancake without breaking it. I thought I would share with you, what I believe to be, 3 of the best pancake toppings you could possibly make. After taking these photos I realised I hadn’t actually included NUTELLA!! I tried a Nutella pancake/crepe for the first time on my honeymoon in Mykonos and it was to die for… isn’t melted chocolate absolutely heavenly!


I used this rather vague recipe that my mum described to me over the phone on my first Pancake Day after I moved away from home. It is more crepe like than American style pancake. They are nice and thin and cook really quickly. I personally only like the thin pancakes and if it is even the slightest bit too thick I let someone else eat it.
(x1 egg per person)
Fill a large mixing bowl 1/3 of the way with self raising flour
Mix in 4 eggs
When the flour and eggs are mixed in together mix in 3/4 pint of semi skimmed milk and 1/4 pint of water
(The longer you leave your batter to stand the better it will be)
(The newer and lighter the non-stick pan you have the better your flipping with be)


Date Syrup
Mixed Berries

This is probably the healthiest sweet topping you could opt for but is incredibly sweet and tasty. I am not much of a fan of maple syrup and find that date syrup is the healthiest similar replacement. I am a fruit fiend and am really craving summer fruit bowls. Unfortunately the berries which I adore are a lot more expensive at this time of year. Either break out and treat yourself or buy frozen berries which are still fabulous but a fraction of the cost. This time I chose to fill my pancake with fresh strawberries, cherries and raspberries…my mouth is watering as I write this.

3 Of The Best Pancake Toppings | Megan Taylor


Golden Caster Sugar

This is probably the first style of pancake you ever made as a child and still remains the majority of peoples favourite pancake topping…I think mine as well. I like to pour fresh lemon juice all over my flat pancake then spoon on some sugar which soaks into the lemon juice and become a zesty sugary delight. I then roll up my pancake and create the same sugary zest on the top…heaven.

3 Of The Best Pancake Toppings | Megan Taylor


Extra Mature Cheddar

This is my favourite and only savoury pancake that I like. I like to add grated cheddar cheese to my cooked pancake whilst it is still in the pan, let it melt a little. I then fold it over and add more grated cheese and turn it over to give it another flash of heat to almost (but not quite) burn/overcook the cheese. It becomes a mix of gooey and crispy cheese.

3 Of The Best Pancake Toppings | Megan Taylor

The topping ideas are endless. What are your favourite pancake toppings?


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