Blogging Books You Need To Own

Blogging Books You Need To Own | Megan Taylor

I recently bought these three books to do with blogging and brand style and I am desperate to tell you about them. If you are starting your own business then you need the book, How To Style Your Brand. If you are a social media “influencer”/ “Instagrammer” then you need Capture Your Style in your life right now. If you want to become a money making blogging machine then I suggest you get The Million Dollar Blog. All of these books are incredible and I have learnt so much. I am so excited to put everything I have learnt into action. I really believe you can up your blogging game with these books. Have a read below to find out a little bit more about the books and a few tips that I learnt whilst reading them.

How To Style Your Brand

This book should be called How To Pinterest Your Brand because everything is so pretty and aspirational. I feel this book is the one that I have learnt most from out of the three books. I wish I had read this book before I had started blogging though because if you treat your blog as a brand then there are so many branding things that you can learn from this book. I am looking to turn my dull branding into a logo and this book has inspired me no end. Every aspect of this book is very professionally presented, much like what you would receive from a designer if you were working with one.

Blogging Books You Need To Own | Megan Taylor

The Million Dollar Blog

This book is far more wordy than the other two, so if you want something to read on the train or before bed and really get your teeth into, this is the book for you. I haven’t yet finished this book but I have already learnt so much. I am loving that I can relate to so much in this book. Some people like a book as an escapist fantasy whereas I quite like to relate myself to what I am reading or to learn something new, this book is perfect for that. If you dream of being a blogger or want to know more about the potential blogger lifestyle then you will love this book.

Blogging Books You Need To Own | Megan Taylor

Capture Your Style

‘Capture Your Style’ is written by Aimee Song who is a megastar blogger and Instagrammer. Aimee has a beautiful Instagram and blog so you know her advice is going to be helpful. This book touches on many things but most interesting to new bloggers would be the chapter on how to find and grow your audience.

Blogging Books You Need To Own | Megan Taylor

Are there any more books that I need to buy to help me to take my blogging to the next level?

Blogging Books You Need To Own | Megan Taylor


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