Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide | MEGAN TAYLOR

I may only be a mummy to an adorable doggie that can’t actually buy me any Mother’s Day Gifts but I still love Mother’s Day. There is no one that I love buying presents for more so than my mum. …in fact I even chatted about buying presents for her on this M&S Christmas campaign. Mum and I like most of the same things so it’s just like shopping for myself. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying gifts. I actually remember as a child I would walk around my garden cutting mums perfectly bloomed garden flowers (not sure she actually appreciated it…but it’s the thought that counts, right?) and put them in a vase besides her butter on toast that I would take to her in bed. Since I have got older and actually have some money I love to spoil my mum rotten. I have compiled an insanely long list of gift ideas to help you whatever your budget.


Where do I start with talking about my favourite food on the planet? I am probably the biggest chocolate lover you could ever meet, in fact I definitely eat too much of it…but I feel that’s ok because I am healthy in all other ways. Buying a posh selection of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat is the most lavish of chocolate gifts and the perfect place to go for a well presents box of goodies. Hotel Chocolat’s hampers are probably the best things on the planet and my dream present.

The two chocolates above are two of my favourites from the gift box. The chocolate on the left is an Eton Mess. The meringue droplets on top are a pure delight. The chocolate on the right is a champagne truffle which has always been a favourite of mine. In the picture below you may spot at the back that Hotel Chocolat even sell Prosecco and Champagne. It has become a one stop gift shop for any occasion. This Mother’s Day slider chocolate box is decorated in yellow flower like the legend (key) at the back left which tells you which chocolate is which.

TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor


Flowers are an easy gift idea that even the most clueless of sons (no offence hehe) can buy for their mum. Even if you can’t make it to your loved ones house this Mother’s Day you can easily send bouquets. You can even post the letter box flowers which are amazing to send if you are not sure your mum will be at home. The letter box flowers that are so popular now, can even be bought as a sort “subscription box” and becomes the gift that keeps on giving each month…I would personally love this as a present. I am currently loving Appleyard London. Appleyard have loads of gorgeous flowers which can arrive so quickly.


Scent is an incredibly powerful tool and is strongly linked to memory. If you were to buy your mum a gorgeous scent, she would always relate it back to that precious moment that you bought it for her. Growing up with a trained aromatherapist (named as an ‘Aromatherapy Guru’ in Vogue!!) as a Mum I have always had a keen sense of smell. I am constantly smelling things and love more than anything for a product to be organic or natural and love essential oils being the key ingredient or top note. Perfumes made of essential oils don’t tend to last as long on your body but this is just because they are more natural and don’t have the nasty chemicals in them that make standard perfume stick! If you are after an organic perfume, Neom are a great place to head to for all organic scented products.

The perfume and candle are both part of the ‘Boost Your Energy’ collection and quite possibly my favourite Neom products I have ever used. The scents top note is overwhelmingly lemongrass and I ADORE it. The scent of the candle is quite strong so you may not want to burn it for too long. It makes your whole house smell fresh and clean. The perfume as you can see below has the most gorgeous rose gold cap which is intricately designed and has a great weight to it once you pull it off…only problem was that it was so beautifully shiny that I struggled to take a shot without my head in focus.

TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor


Some boys can be scared of buying their mum make up but I recon 90% of women wear black mascara once in a while, so why not buy a beautifully packaged black mascara or a sable (light brown) coloured shadow can be loved by all. I love Charlotte Tilbury as she has created the most divine and on trend make up products which are wrapped up in rose gold making everyone swoon and very cleverly making the products incredibly Instagrammable.


I don’t believe that awful saying of a woman belongs in the kitchen, but if your mum actually loves to play around in the kitchen then these pretty kitchen goodies are perfect. If your mum loves to bake or to cook you can always pick up some pretty kitchen ware from your local department store. Lakeland do some amazing creative baking equipment that you would never even have thought of. If you are a family of lots of siblings then why not all club together to buy the most sought after ‘Bake Off’ treat of a Kitchen Aid…no more aching arms from mixing dough and pure kitchen Pinterest heaven.


Oliver Bonas always have great accessories in stock. I love their more delicate jewellery, they are so pretty and dainty. The great thing about Oliver Bonas is that they have a gift for everyone from the more girly girl to the Tom Boy in many of us. From earrings, to kitchen ware, to clothes to the perfect tabletop book.


Cath Kidston is a great place to shop for Mother’s Day because prices start relatively low…although can get quite expensive. I know a lot of lovely mummy’s that adore Cath Kidston and are happy to receive anything from there in their favourite print.


A gift set isn’t just for Christmas. A gift set is often well priced and can be a great way to introduce someone to a new brand that could possibly become their new favourite. Some gift sets even come kited with full-sized products or limited edition specials. Arguably the most popular gift sets would be beauty products but there is actually so much more on offer such as gardening or food gift sets.

What have you got planned with your mum this Mother’s Day?

This post contains gifts I was sent. All opinions are completely my own and written with complete honesty as always. I only ever work with companies that I believe in and would purchase myself. Megan x


  1. Glenda Taylor
    March 17, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Wow! I’ve got to be the luckiest Mum on the planet! There’s not one thing in this piece that I don’t adore! X

    • Megan
      April 21, 2017 / 11:46 am

      You’re gorgeous xx

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