Netflix Picks {March 2017}

Netflix Picks {March 2017} | Megan Taylor

Wow, It has been about 10 months since I last shared my Netflix picks and for that I apologise as they are some of my most popular posts. Within those 10 months I have binge watched my fair share of great TV and film and I am here to share my favourites with you to keep occupied this weekend. Click on the titles to watch the trailers.



Did you ever watch 24? If you did, then much like me you would be the biggest fan of Jack Bauer. Well, in this program (although not actually anything to do with 24) Jack Bauer becomes the President of the United States and quite simply put it is AWESOME. You must watch it now.



Ryan Phillippe is back and he is on fire. I started watching this with Liam as he enjoyed the movie that this program is based on. Mark Wahlberg is the producer after having played the lead in the original movie. I haven’t personally watched the movie but I have really enjoyed the series and I can’t wait for it to be back for season 2.



Where do I start with this fabulous program? With seven cracking seasons I would highly recommend you get watching right away as you have a lot to catch up on. Big from Sex and The City plays a politician with a sordid life which blows up in the media leaving his scorned wife to publicly stand by her man whilst he is put in prison and she has to start working as a lawyer again after many years away from the profession. At the end of every episode you will struggle not to press play on the next.



Let me warn you right now, this show is wonderful but it was cancelled after only one season so try your best not to get to attached. James Van Der Beek is back playing a similar character to the one he played in ‘Don’t Trust The B****’. He leads the cast with a FRIENDS like appearance. This is a great show to watch when you need a quick laugh. #FWBL




The film based on the real Eddie The Eagle’s life is heartwarming and beautifully made. I loved every second of this film. It is one of those special British made movies that leaves you feeling all warm and gooey inside. There are so many incredibly funny moments that you would be hard pushed to not enjoy this movie. You will also finish the movie in absolute awe for ski jumpers, the danger is unreal. The movie is only £5 on Amazon at the moment so I would actually recommend you buy it so that you can watch the extra bits which are fascinating.



This rather arty movie should be watched when you are prepared to really concentrate. This movie deserves your undivided attention. Mae Whitman is the lead actress in this film and plays the ever increasingly patient girlfriend of a very talented man that suffers from severe panic attacks. Her lulling voice becomes the voice for an automated phone service. A very interesting watch.



Everyone loves Liam Neeson I think it is really impressive that the Taken franchise has been so made so well. It is so rare that a sequel is as good as its first but Taken has really accomplished this. Taken 3 was gripping but Liam definitely preferred it than me. I love the storyline but some bits were a bit too gory for me but I always prefer happiness which I shouldn’t be expecting in this sort of movie haha.


Is there anything I have missed off my list?


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  1. March 20, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    Loving your choices A few I haven’t tried yet so will add to the list 😛 x

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