At Home Hair Removal With Philips Lumea

At Home Hair Removal With Phillips Lumea | Megan Taylor

I want to let you all know upfront that this is not a paid for advert.
I just want to let you all know about my opinion on at home hair removal with a laser treatment.


I was invited to meet the global ambassador for Philips LumeaDr Stefanie Williams who Tatler name as one of “Britain’s best cosmetic doctors” a couple of weeks ago. We met at Soho Hotel to chat about everything to with lasering away those pesky unwanted hairs. I went in feeling excited and apprehensive about the whole process but Stephanie showed me that it is safe and an excellent alternative to me shaving my arm pits everyday until they are red raw.

At Home Hair Removal With Phillips Lumea | Megan Taylor


The Philips Lumea Prestige which I have here is the latest product in Philips laser hair removal products. The biggest draw is that the newest Lumea is rose gold which is always a win in my eyes. The Lumea can scan your skin with its ‘SmartSkin Sensor’ and work out which level of light intensity suits your skin colour/type. Philips claim that the laser should never be painful which is amazing when your pain threshold is as low as mine. I say ow to pretty much anything and everything. I find the laser resembles a the feeling of a tiny baby squeezing your finger…so not bad at all but I am still a little bit aware that something is happening. There are three different attachments which all have their own little memory card inserted which stores your skin information to personalise your treatment with different laser intensities. The three different attachments are for your underarms, bikini area and your face. The attachment for the legs is considerably more powerful than the one for your face so you can use it in the comfort that you are not hurting your skin. There is even a Philips app which you are recommended to download as it reminds you when you are next due to zap.

At Home Hair Removal With Phillips Lumea | Megan Taylor


The Philips Lumea hair remover is quite pricey but a whole lot cheaper than a block of sessions at a clinic. I have researched the fees for a half leg hair removal session from a Harley Street clinic. One single session would set you back £230. It is recommended that you have several sessions to completely (95% removal) remove the hair. Even with discount packages you are going to be set back a minimum of £1000 for just a half leg treatment. The Philips Lumea cost around £500 which is half the price of the clinic sessions. On top of this you are also able to use the Lumea for other body parts that you want to remove hair from with the one machine.

Have you ever used laser hair removal either in a clinic or at home? Do you think it is a worthwhile investment or would you rather stick to shaving?

This is not a sponsored post but I was gifted the product. All words and opinions are my own x

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