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Sara Hill Make Up | Megan Taylor

I was recently introduced to a make up brand that I hadn’t heard of before by make up artist Sara Hill. Her make up line is aptly called Sara Hill make up. The reason I was first drawn to the make up line was the striking classy packaging which is the perfect blend of Mac and Bobbi Brown. The second and most important reason why I love this brand is because it is a Peta approved company and as a vegetarian I always love a brand that is kind to the animal kingdom. I was talking to my fellow veggie cousins recently and saying we would love it if it were a law that said if you test on animals you have to state it on your packaging, therefore penalising a cost to those companies rather than forcing kind companies to front the cost to state that they don’t test on animals…anyway I should carry on in another blog post, you are here for the pretty make up. Another fab pointer I need to share with you is that Sara Hill offers make up artist discount of 30%, head on over to her website to find out more.


I am loving these lipsticks because they are creamy and don’t dry your lips out. I don’t wear lipstick everyday but when I do I hate a drying lipstick. The two colours I have tried are Pink Truffle and Some Like It Hot. I am in love with Pink Truffle because it is so easily wearable. This colour is natural but you look as if you have tried with your make up a little bit. I find it to be the perfect lipstick for me to apply mirrorless in the audition waiting room and would be the perfect interview lipstick. Some Like It Hot is a little bit more on the wild side and takes a braver gal to pull it off. This being said I am definitely going to be wearing it over the Christmas party season…yes, I am already thinking about Christmas 😛

Sara Hill Make Up | Megan Taylor

(Lipstick: Pink Truffle)

Sara Hill Make Up | Megan Taylor

(Lipstick: Some Like It Hot)


Sara Hill produces to types of eyeshadows, those in a normal eyeshadow pot and those which are a little bit cheaper and in a small magnetic case which you can pop into her specially designed cases. These are perfect for make up artist to create their own palettes. I do not have the palette so I popped mine into my Mac eyeshadow case with ease.

Sara Hill Make Up | Megan Taylor

(Eyeshadows(L-R): Twinkle PlumNaughtyGravity)

Have you tried Sara Hill’s make up before?



    • Megan
      April 30, 2017 / 4:16 pm

      They are lovely aren’t they 🙂 xx

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