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If April showers are beginning to hamper your Spring time outings then you may well need to stay in and watch a little bit of Netflix. I was recently bedridden with the skanky flu that has been flying around. The only benefit to flu is that you can unashamedly binge watch lots of fantastic, or not so fantastic TV. Here is what I loved the most this month.


Wow, what a show!!
There is so much buzz and controversial chat about this show at the moment. There are lots of discussions about whether of not the show glorifies suicide, depression and rape or not. I feel like these people have maybe not actually watched the show. I think the heart wrenching topics actually allow the conversation which needs to be had to be started. Although based around teens, this show is for everyone. If you are worried about your children watching this then I would suggest watching an epsiode ahead of them or watching it with them. Each of the thirteen episodes is more harrowing than the next, the last two are incredibly upsetting and leave you wiahing and praying that everyone could just be a little nicer to each other.


#GIRLBOSS is having its moment as the buzzword of the year and has now been made into a TV show. Based in 2006/2008 it follows a young woman trying to make a living out of selling clothes on eBay and then on her own website. I found this show incredibly inspiring as an internet loving millennial that has her own little corner of the internet. The pace of the show is zippy and full of funny moments. Perfect for young teens to tech interested adults.


This movie is pretty old and you are most likely to have already seen it. I had seen it before but so long ago that every joke was funny again and I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen next. Do you watch The Good Wife or The Good Fight? Eli Gold’s daughter Marissa (Sarah Steele) is insanely talented and hilarious, she plays the daughter in this movie as her first acting role. I can’t get over what a wonderful young actress she is. This movie is worth watching simply to coo at Sarah Steele but also for the feel good vibe you get after watching it. Perfect film for all the family.


I know I seem to wang on about Pretty Little Liars in almost every Netflix picks that I write but I can safely say this will be my last time as it is finally coming to an end. Even as a big long time fan I am personally sooo ready for it to be over as we are constantly being strung along with “this is A”, “oh, no, this is A”. Wahhh…just tell us already! Next week is the FINAL FINAL FINAL episode and we will finally find out all of the answers, well I hope so anyway. If, like me, you struggle to remember every little bit of info from all of the episodes then watch this video to see a who’s who of who dated and killed each other.

What have you been watching? If you need any more inspo then check out my past Netflix Picks here.


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  1. Glenda Taylor
    May 2, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Almost worth having flu for ?

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