Ren’s Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Collection

Ren's Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Collection | Megan Taylor

Last week I was invited to a lovely breakfast at Space NK’s Regent Street store. We were led into the basement to eat coconut yoghurt, muesli, fruit and drink coconut water. David Delport from Ren taught us everything we needed to know about the latest range of products. The latest collection is Atlantic kelp and magnesium. It is formulated to energise the skin, control stress hormones (errr…I need this!!) and relieve fatigue. The great thing about these Ren products is that they are clean, ethical and use renewable sources. The scent isn’t overwhelming but is still there. The scent is strongest in the bath oil but faint and less heady in the other products. The new collection is launching in Space NK and REN online on the 30th May and is set to be a hit.

Ren's Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Collection | Megan Taylor


The body wash is the product I will and already am using the most. I prefer to use a body wash than a soap when showering because I find it much less drying. This body wash feels very moisturising and suds up the perfect amount in your sponge. The seaweed extracts help to tone and the magnesium is cell-energising. The hand wash has the same delicate scent as the other products and is just as delicate on your hands.


Apart from when I am on my summer holidays I never put cream on my body. I have every intention of doing so but I can not stand that feeling of clammy sweaty skin from cream. This cream is very quick drying and absorbing so you don’t get that horrible clammy feeling once you put it on. These cream claims to tone and firm fatigued skin…get it on me now!!


This product is probably the most exciting to me, especially for the bronzed summer skin. You can use this scrub on dry skin and just rub away the salt extras or you can rinse it away in the shower. The scrub can also be used as soak in your bath to melt away your tensions.


This hand lotion comes in a very generous 300ml bottle. The hand lotion keeps your skin hydrated, nourished and protected. For that perfect hotel like vibe place it next to your hand wash on your sink to wow your guests.


The bath oil is my most favourite product from the new collection. I tend to have baths over showers more so in the winter but I love to have a relaxing bath after a busy and stressful day. The bath oil is formulated with seaweed oil extract to moisturise the skin. The seaweed oil will fight fatigue and relax your body and mind.

Ren's Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Collection | Megan Taylor

Have you used Ren products before? What’s your favourite products in their collection?



  1. May 25, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    Beautiful pictures. Makes me really want to try the products – so fresh and clean 🙂

    • Megan
      May 25, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      Thank you, perfect for the summer months ahead 🙂 xx

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