Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor

Father’s Day is fast approaching for most of us (I believe Australian Father’s Day is in September?) and for me it has always been the most difficult present to buy each year. Each year my dad refuses to tell me what he would like for Christmas, birthday or for special occasions and apart from unaffordable Grand Prix or Chelsea season tickets I am often stumped for ideas. I have searched far and wide and think I have found some good ideas for every daddy out there. I stumbled across a site called Men’s Society on Instagram a couple of weeks ago where there were lots of lovely things which I really liked…for myself and my dad. This got me to thinking…if some men don’t really care about their present then why not buy them something you and he shall both like (especially if you are buying for your husband on behalf of your kids). Or you could venture down the beauty products route with unisex products for both of you to share. Beautiful copper bar equipment is aesthetically pleasing for your home and can be used by everyone. Keep on scrolling through this blog post for some more ideas.
N.B. Monetary presents are not always required and your presence is always the most important present…but I love love love buying presents for people even when it is tricky.


If you are tight on time alcohol is the perfect gift as it is an easy gift to buy . You can shop for it in your local supermarket on your way to see your dad on Father’s Day, along with the bag and card. What does your dad like? My parents, Liam and I love making cocktails together and I have been buying them all more cocktail related goodies lately such as pretty straws, cocktail shakers, glasses and stirrers. The absolute must have right now is a copper pineapple cocktail glass. To give your cocktail shelf/cupboard/stand a modern hit then you simply must have a pineapple cocktail glass. Buy the pictured one here. Liam’s dad is more of a whisky enthusiast and the pictured whisky stones are an amazing gift and come packaged so beautifully as a ready made gift.

Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor{Pineapple Glass}
Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor{Whisky Stones}


You can buy some wonderful men’s gift boxes, including the pictured Father’s Day gift box by American Crew. I love gift boxes as you often get special edition products or a great price on an array of goodies from your favourite brand.

Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor

If you buy any Father’s Day gifts from John Lewis in Oxford Street during the week of the 12th June there is a barber in store giving free cuts!!!

Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor

Other options for male beauty products are these Ren products I have photographed. I think it is important for men to feel comfortable to look after their faces in the same way that us women do. The Ren products I have chosen are suitable for both men and women so why not buy the father of your children these lovely products to keep you both looking and feeling fabulous. If the men in your life lead a stressful life they won’t necessarily feel happy to add a splash of concealer under their eyes so the Ren beauty shot eye lift would be perfect to help diminish dark circles and puffiness.

Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor

Father's Day Gift Guide | Megan Taylor

Every time I struggle to buy a gift for my dad I buy him a shirt. My dad wears shirts 99% of the time. He always appreciates a new shirt even if it is the same one that I bought for him the year before…similarly I’m always appreciative of a new plain white tee. If you know your dad’s/husband’s clothing sizes you can easily pick up a shirt in your local M&S or John Lewis. For an extra special touch I always like to choose a Ted Baker shirt because they often have a nice contrast fabric under the colour making the shirt feel that little bit more special. For top marks you could head to Selfridges, Harrods or Harvey Nicholls and get some of the same brands of shirts that you would normal buy on the high street but they will come nicely packaged. It is a small difference but to present your gift in tissue paper and a Selfridges bag can make it feel like more of a present than it actually is.


As I mentioned in the opening of this blog post, I stumbled across Men’s Society on Instagram but I now realise that I have actually heard of them before and even bought their products for my dad’s and my husband’s stockings. They have an array of perfect gifts for men from barware to hair care. I love the mini kits of ready made presents. Starting from about £10 you can buy a cute tin box full of goodies. Check out their Father’s Day collection here. The gin kit is my favourite ready made gift item on their site.

I hope this post has helped inspire you for your Father’s Day present shopping. What’s your favourite piece?


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