3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes

3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes | Megan Taylor

I don’t often get to experiment with nail varnishes, at least not for long. When I am auditioning or working on modelling and acting jobs I have to wear either nude or no nail varnish. Over the years I have tried many nude nail varnishes and have had plenty of favourites yet these three are my current faves. These are my 3 perfect nude nail varnishes which you need in your nail varnish collection.


This Essie nail varnish in ‘Ballet Slippers‘ is definitely my go to nude polish for auditions. You can wear 1 coat or layer it up for a more obvious nail varnish look. You can get away with just one coat of polish and still look like you have perfectly manicured nails. I have had this nail varnish since Christmas and worn it more times than I can count and as you can see in the pictures it has barely gone down.

3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes | Megan Taylor 3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes | Megan Taylor


I got this Jessica nail varnish in ‘Bare It All‘  in a goodie bag at a VOGUE event so if VOGUE approves then so must I. With just one coat you will achieve a very pale white pink. Jessica nail varnish is quite thick so you won’t need more than 2 coats unless you are trying to achieve a more shellac look. I slicked on 3 coats the first time I used it and my husband thought I had put on fake nails, they looked incredibly immaculate. I don’t feel like this nail varnish suits tanned skin. My hands are a little more tanned than usual at the moment and with 3 coats of this polish my nails looked a bit dead. This being said, I loved how perfect my nails looked and will definitely be wearing it throughout the autumn and winter months.

3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes | Megan Taylor


I was recently invited to have a manicure at Shoreditch Nails (check out their online gallery for some great tasteful nail inspo) and had to pick a nude colour because of work commitments. It is here that I stumbled across O•P•I nail varnish in ‘Bubble Bath‘. I fell in love with it because although it is very understated, it has a beautiful girly pink tone. As soon as my nail varnish began to chip away after my manicure I quickly ordered a bottle of my own on Amazon Prime to have it back in my life the next day. With just one coat you will have a barely there polished look but I like it best with 3 thin coats to make the pink more vibrant.

3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes | Megan Taylor 3 Perfect Nude Nail Varnishes | Megan Taylor

What is your favourite nude nail varnish?


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