The Yummiest Sugar Free Treats Right Now

The Yummiest Sugar Free Treats Right Now | Megan Taylor

I try my absolute hardest to be healthy and be sugar free Monday to Thursday. For this reason I am always on the hunt for new sugar free treats. One of my favourite hobbies (yep, it really is a hobby!) is to browse the sweet treats section in Whole Foods. The bonus to the sugar free treats is that they are mostly vegan. I am not vegan but I am a vegetarian that has vegan desires. These sweet treats are mostly sweetened with coconut palm sugar or agave syrup. Carry on reading to find some new treats to get your tastebuds tingling. Be aware that any sort of sweet treat, whether sugar free or not are likely to spike your insulin, yet the refined sugar free products are much better for you and worth substituting. For even more options, check out my last sugar free treats post from last year here.


This is a new find for me and probably the prettiest chocolate I have ever come across. In an array of pastel colours, Raw Halo is just as its name states, innocent and raw. There is a Mylk collection and dark collection. I bought the pure dark bar and it was delicious. I honestly think if you didn’t tell someone the ingredients they wouldn’t believe it was vegan and sugar free. The next bar I want to try is their ‘Mylk & Crispies’ bar. Buy it online here or in store at Whole Foods.
The Yummiest Sugar Free Treats Right Now | Megan Taylor


I am sure I have rattled on about my adoration for Booja Booja since the starting of my blog. I just adore all of their products. Do check the back of the chocolate boxes as a few flavours have cane sugar in, although it is raw cane sugar I would still opt for the flavour options that do not have sugar in. The raspberry flavour is an absolute delight. It would be safe to say that this is my favourite chocolate EVER…like in the whole wide world!! Buy it online here.
The Yummiest Sugar Free Treats Right Now | Megan Taylor


You may have come across Livia through her super popular Instagram account. Livia’s foodie delights are all gluten and dairy free. I have bought her Raw Millionaire’s Bites before but I stumbled across her new Biccy Boms in Whole Foods a few weeks ago and I have a new favourite sugar free sweet treat. They taste across between a biscuit and cake…I suppose a bit like a Jaffa Cake (but not orange). I was worried about the centre being too gooey which I’m not a fan of in general but it wasn’t at all gooey, it was just a sweeter slightly softer centre…scrumdiddlydumptious. Buy them in Whole Foods or the Millionaire’s Shortbreads here.
The Yummiest Sugar Free Treats Right Now | Megan Taylor


Ombar’s are a little on the expensive side but in my opinion well worth it. I like to have one in my handbag at all times. You don’t need much to sate your sweet tooth. The coconut bar is new to me anext I did like it yet my absolute favourite is the Strawberry Mylk bar and the chocolate buttons. The 90% bar is the perfect 11 o’clock pick me up. Buy it here.
The Yummiest Sugar Free Treats Right Now | Megan Taylor

What are your favourite sugar free treats? Do you know of some goodies that I need to try?


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