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We may well be going through a bit of a heat wave here in the UK and you probably fancy sitting in a pub garden all weekend…but I feel there is always a bit of time for some TV, also I hear it may be a bit of a wash out next week? Therefore you need my latest Netflix picks to help keep you occupied and relaxed. A couple of my picks are incredibly old TV and I am definitely late to the party, but if you are too then you must take my advice and watch them too. I hope you like my picks. Let me know which shows you are loving at the moment or if you watched any of the shows I recommended last month. Make sure you click on the headings to watch the trailers for each of the shows.


Orange Is The New Black is back with its latest season and it is intense!! OITNB is not exactly light entertainment. Episode 1 of season 5 has an alarm sounding throughout the majority of the episode and for me this was just too much but was unfortunately imperative to the storyline. This season sees the prisoners barricading themselves in the prison and laying out their demands to the guards. Not as good as season 1 but still a must watch.


This little gem is old in the USA but has only just become available in the UK on Netflix. There are many seasons available but for some reason only 1 in the UK?! (Sort it out Netflix x). This show is absolutely hilarious and the perfect pick me up/ laugh out loud 30 minute show to watch after a long day at work. This show follows a down to earth woman married into an incredibly rich family of Upper-East siders and hilariously mocks them and at times gets sucked into their ways.


Kimmy Schmidt is the creation of the supremely talented Tina Fey. Back with its 3rd season it is as wacky as ever. This show is a serious Marmite, you will either love it or hate it. The humour is peculiar and every episode is more odd than the last. This being said, if you have watched from the beginning of season 1 you need to keep watching to see Kimmy grow as she goes off to college. For those who have never seen an episode of Kimmy Schmidt, it is about a 20 something year old girl that had been captured as a child and kept in a bunker for the majority of her life. As a result we get to watch her tackle adulthood through the eyes of a child in the most hilarious way.


Wow…why didn’t I watch this 5 or so years ago when it first came out? Line Of Duty is a program about an anti corruption agency on the hunt for “bent coppers”. It is amazing to think this actually goes on. A fine BBC drama full of incredible actors and actresses that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Again, another incredible BBC drama that I am late to watching. I am still on season 1 but thrilled that there are still another eight seasons to catch up on and that’s not including the Christmas specials!! If you have never heard of Call The Midwife before it is about the lives of a group of midwives living in East London just after the war. I find the show to be a perfect remedy to the intense episodes of OITNB that I have been watching.

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